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Should Australia Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

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I think same sex marriage should be legal for the following reasons; the point that there is no fundamental difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriage, the point that other countries have allowed it and lastly, the point that the institution of marriage will not be undermined by legalizing same sex marriage.

The catholic community that is protesting against same sex marriage should rethink their morals, they say that it’s sinful and should be illegal, but all the other sins of the bible aren’t illegal, such as gossip, deceitfulness, hatred and prejudice, all 100% legal.

Everybody has different opinions on what is sinful and I think it is wrong that the Australian law is being shaped around religious beliefs and opinions.

It has been argued that all the features usually considered to typify a marriage union can be displayed by same sex couples. The Australian marriage equality states, ‘many same sex couples wish to marry. They want to do so for the same reasons as their opposite sex counterparts – to publicly proclaim and celebrate their love and commitment…’ Protesters are using the fact that same sex couples cannot conceive as another reason against them getting married.

The act of marriage has never required partners to be able or willing to conceive children, and it never should. The opposite sex counterparts aren’t prevented from marrying if they are infertile or have no intention of having children. So how is this fair?

A large number of countries around the work have legalized gay marriage, why not australia? I think it makes our country look out of date, judge mental and not welcome to tourists. Who would want to visit a country that doesn’t accept everyone? Two countries allow gay marriage on part of their territory; the United States, in the states of lowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and the capital Washington, D.C.; and Mexico in the federal capital. On July 15 2010, a bill that legalizes gay marriage came into force in Argentina – a Latin American first. Homosexual couples can also adopt children in Argentina. Prime minister of Iceland, June 2010, married her long term female partner, after the law legalizing gay marriage came into force. June 1 2010, Portugal legalized it. January 2009, Norway legalized it, as well as permitting lesbians to be artificially inseminated. November 2006, South Africa legalized it. July 2005, Canada legalized it. Plus allowing gay adoption. The list goes on and on and on.

Religious institutions have claimed that legalizing gay marriage would weaken the institution of marriage. When in fact, due to the accelerating divorce rates, any substantial group of people who wish to commit to each other formally via marriage are serving to add to the social legitimacy of the institution, who would most likely be strengthening it. The lobby group Australian marriage equality says, ‘some opponents of equal marriage have suggested that marriage as an institution would be weakened, even tainted, by our presence. Such people are, of course, free to hold whatever views they wish in respect of homosexuality and the treatment of same-sex couples, but Australian law should not be based on such degrading and offensive notions.’

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