Should Athletes get paid? Essay

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Should Athletes get paid?

Why students’ athletes should not get paid? Some people may think that students’ athletes should get paid, but the truth is that there is a negative part. Athletes receive a benefit from state. Similarly, is the students and schools benefit from sports. Students by having a scholarship and some da became a professional player and school by people paying to watch them play. For example, student would be leaving there dream, students get scholarship, and sports would became a job. For these reasons is not a good idea to students’ athletes get paid. -The first reason is that students athletes would be leaving there dream.[give general example]- an example that students would not put the same effort and the same passion.[explain example]- when student take hours to practice to do it better they do it to become better.

For example, student athletes would not put the same effort because there are not doing it to follow their dreams there doing it to get money back. These examples shows that people have to analyze more the negative parts of student getting paid because how there is a positive part there would always be a negative part. The second reason is that student athletes are getting scholarships. An example is that students would think that they need a job but the school is giving them the opportunity to be an athlete and at the same time the opportunity to study and have a career. The scholarship benefits a lot of students because they want to help them. For example, some student complain that they do not have enough money, but most scholarships give them an apartment if they live far and helping them to pay their books, and have some leftover of money. These example shows that student complain about not having enough money but the problem is how it management it.

The third reason students would have a job instead doing sports. An example is that they would have to analyze the salary they would get. Also analyze how many hours a student can make and the benefits. For example, they probably reduce the scholarship or not give them money and the scholarships benefits to the students that they do not have transportation. These example shows that there is more negatives for students having a job. Eve thought students’ athletes give a lot a money to schools, that’s not the reason why students need to be paid. One of the advantages of students not getting paid is that they’re not leaving their dream just for money.

Student would accomplish their dream and not having a work until they became a professional players which is a job. The difference between getting paid and not benefits the students because even tough schools get a lot of money but that money benefits the school. Student would enjoy their favorite sport. Also, they would train hard to become a professional player, a student athlete getting paid or not has a huge difference. Both sides have their positives and negatives. But most importantly, a student not getting paid has the freedom to study and be an athlete and they do it because they like it not for getting paid. Maybe if they analyze that there is more bad things of students athletes getting paid.

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