Should Animal Share the Same Rights as People Essay

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Should Animal Share the Same Rights as People

Currently, animals’ rights have been a hot issue discussed widely. Since animals and humans all are living creature, should animals have their rights, which means that it is immoral and illegal to take their meat for food or kill them in research experiment? As far as I am concerned, animals’ rights should be respected by human in a certain degree, but inferior to humans’. In order to keep the equilibrium of ecosystem, human ought to protect animals, especially which are being extinct. Excluding the concerning of animals’ rights, keeping animals in an appropriate amount is human’s obligation.

Only keeping the ecological balance can we human better enjoy the natural resources provided by the earth. Therefore, it’s fair and righteous to stop poaching wild animals which are facing the danger of dying out. Should animals be taken the same as human? It has been a long time that animals are killed in research experiments. For instance, nearly every medicine is tested on animals before used by human. There is no denying that hundreds of thousands of animals are maimed or killed in research projects each year. Does it mean that we ignore animals’ rights even they are killed for good purpose like humans’ health?

In that case, how about the meat we non-vegetarians eat every day? Should human stop eating meat as a result of animals’ rights? If that were true, human might die out due to lack of animal protein. Animals’ rights are a complex question mixed with many factors such as human’s emotion and animal welfare. In current society, some cats and dogs are treated preferably and live in a better condition than the “inferior” people. What essence can we find out through such phenomenon? In the long course of evolution, human evolved from the chimpanzee and now rule the world. Humans are gradually separated from animals.

Therefore, considering animals’ rights from human’s aspect is not exact and precise. As the saying goes, man’s nature at birth is good. We do have sympathy for living creatures. For example, a lady tortured a cat to death and uploaded the photos online several years ago. Eventually she had to make apologize under the pressure of public opinion. Personally, I also support that “reverence for life” should applied to all living creature, at least in a primitive way. When it comes to animals’ rights, I disagree not to harm or kill any animals on any conditions. Our ancients knowing to hunt animals for ood so as to survive, we now know to kill mosquito, fly, cockroach and rodents to keep people healthy.

Should they be immoral or illegal? In my opinion, animals have their rights under the premise that animals and human live in harmony. According to the constitution, people have their rights and should fulfill the obligations at the same time. Rights should be restricted and limited. Animals have rights just like human. It should not be prohibited that we kill the injurious insect with poison or animals in research experiment for good purposes. It is understandable that we narcotize or kill the animals for self-defense.

We cannot directly test the new medicine on a person because it is too risky. However, after the success of a new medicine invention, animals and human can share the fruit of medical technology. Interests of every one are largely concerned. In the case of eating animals, I observe neutrally as long as human do not overkill the rare animals. Everyone have their own rights to choose to or not to be a vegetarian. In conclusion, animals’ rights should be considered and respected by human. But the animals have fewer rights than human and sometimes sacrifice for the overall benefits.

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