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Should All Nuclear Weapons Be Destroyed Essay

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Since 1945, when the first nuclear bomb was exploded by the Manhattan Project team in the US, nuclear weapons have proliferated across the globe. Currently, the US has about 7,000 warheads and the nations of the former Soviet Union have approximately 6,000. There are enough nuclear weapons in the world to destroy all civilization as we know it. They are perhaps the most powerful forces that man has ever wielded. Other countries that possess known nuclear capabilities are the United Kingdom, France, the People’s Republic of China, Pakistan, and India.

When first developed, nuclear weapons were completely strategic weapons. That is, they were not designed to destroy enemy weaponry; they were designed to destroy entire cities. However, there are now small, tactical nuclear weapons in addition to the others. Besides how powerful a nuclear weapon is, there are other differences between them. They can be either a fusion or a fission device, and they can be dropped from an airplane, fired from an artillery gun, or attached to various types of rockets.

N clear Weapons are waste of space that cause too much pain. Nuclear weapons are inhumane; they should not be used in warfare, or at any other time. The damage they cause is irreversible, and the pain and suffering caused by nuclear weapons is inexcusable.

When a nuclear weapon is dropped, everything is destroyed, and the radiation left over makes the place uninhabitable, though plants grow bigger and faster from the radiation left over. Nuclear power should not be used to make weapons, though nuclear energy should be sed for medical reasons, and any environmentally safe uses that are for the betterment of humanity and don’t cause death – to plants and/or animals. Nuclear weapons are too powerful and destructive to be used in warfare, the threat of nuclear warfare is very intense and frightening, just take a look at the Cold War. Nuclear weaponry is very bad, because of the suffering caused, it is best to be at ground zero or far enough away from the explosion to be unaffected by it. This is not right; one should not have to go through radiation sickness just because one was not close enough to be disintegrated.

The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki went through terrible lives, with pain and suffering, their skin came off, for God’s sakes! This is not acceptable behaviour in this day and age! War should not be warped to kill civilians, war has been, and always will be for the people who want to fight war, such as politicians and very dedicated people (which includes religious observers and patriots) that want only for their side to win. Civilians should not have been brought into the war, nor should they ever be!

Nuclear weapons do just this: they bring civilians into war with their death and suffering. N uclear weapons should be abolished simply because they are no longer the threat that they used to be at the time of their inception – nearly every country in the world either possesses a nuclear weapon or is the close ally of a nation that does. Nuclear weapons currently pose more of a threat as a tool of disaster by accident than by war. A nother reason is the amount of money we are spending on these projects. Since the government first began work on the atomic bomb in 1940, the U. S. uclear arsenal has cost about $4 trillion in 1995 dollars–or approximately three times more, in 1995 dollars, than was spent on procurement for all of World War II. (Except where noted, all amounts are in 1995 dollars.

This figure includes most, but not all, of the direct, indirect, and overhead costs required to develop, produce, deploy, operate, support, and control U. S. nuclear forces over the past 50 years. An additional $500 billion to $1 trillion could be added to this total once all known costs, especially those related to operating and maintaining the arsenal, are documented and analysed.

By way of comparison, the total figure will likely be approximately equal to the $5 trillion national debt. In short, one quarter to one third of all military spending since World War II has been devoted to nuclear weapons and their infrastructure–far more than the government has ever officially acknowledged. I f all the nuclear weapons in the world were used, then all of humanity would most like be destroyed. This is for several reasons. Firstly, most major cities would be destroyed by incoming warheads. However, this would leave some areas untouched.

These areas would most likely be reached by radioactive fall-out blown by the wind. These would be the immediate repercussions. Later, the world would go into what is called “Nuclear Winter”. Global temperatures would drop significantly, as well as the amount of sunlight received by the earth. This is very similar to what is believed happened to the dinosaurs. It is believed that a large asteroid collided with the earth, and stirred up a lot of dust into the atmosphere. This blotted out the sun, and plants died. With very few plants to eat, the dinosaurs (and many other animals) went extinct.

Nuclear winter would be a lot like this. The only difference is that there the dust would be raised up by impacting nuclear warheads and their explosions. Additionally, the dust would be radioactive. The combination of radioactivity, lack of food, and lowering temperatures cause a Nuclear Holocaust, with the chances of humans surviving it very low. A s you can see with all these down falls and no upsides there is no real reason to keep these destructive weapon. After all their only use is to destroy and mankind already do enough of that. So it is not reasonable to have weapons that cause pain in everyday life.

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