Should Abortions Be Permitted Essay

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Should Abortions Be Permitted

The issue I chose to write on is something that everyone is talking about. Should abortions be permitted? This is an issued that I have battled with since I was able to understand the true meaning of abortions. An abortion is the termination of pregnancy. To do this, the doctor will remove fetus or embryo from the uterus. Going over the points for the reason why abortions should be permitted… one point is the concern of the mother and the life of the unwanted child. I personally witness mothers’ young and old who was not ready for children and tossed that child on someone like an elderly grandparent.

Because that is done the mother gets the name as deadbeat parent. Not only that the life of that children. Be honest children know when they are not wanted. More than half of them rebel against their parents and find themselves in trouble, jail, or even continuing the cycle with their own children. Anther point of permitting abortions is for the poor women or girls who become victims of rape. It not anything they did they should given a chance. To be honest who want to constantly be remind of that horrible crime? Now with e very pro or point, there’s a con or counterpoint. The counterpoint of this is because of the religion background. Some believe that conception start the human life. Taking that life away is murder. To those who are religious like myself believes that murder is a sin. We had a chance of life so why cant that baby?

God is in control, so if he didn’t want it to happen, it would have happened. Another counterpoint is the danger of the backstreet abortion. People are always trying to find a cheap way out. Lets be honest, abortions are expensive and most occur with low income women. I did research for this reason and found out that abortions range from $300 and up. If abortions were permitted people will be looking for the cheapest way out which are the backstreet or illegal abortions that put a lot of women in the hospital. If not properly done, that woman getting that backstreet abortion can get aids, or worse die because of loss of blood. The points and counterpoints I supplied in this writing will be easily supported in a research. All of the topics are topics that were once talked about.

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