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Should Abortion Be Rro Choice

Categories: AbortionChoice

Kevin Brady once made the statement, “Whether you are pro-choice or strongly pro-life as I am, there should be common ground that abortion ceases to be an option when a baby can live outside the mother’s womb.” In modern society, abortion is such a controversial topic.

Many questions stem from this topic, and it all boils down to if it is one’s choice to take the life of an unborn child? Not only can abortion cause physical damage to the fetus it can also cause damage to reproductive and mental wellbeing.

It should be illegal for notable reasons. The notable reasons are the jeopardizing factors involved with abortions, the multiple alternatives provided, and in my opinion, it’s murder. There are other alternatives available besides abortion. One effective option is to use protection during sexual intercourse to eliminate any thoughts about abortion. The second alternative is a temporary guardship. Temporary guardship is when a mother has a baby and chooses to place the baby in the home of a close friend or relative.

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The third alternative is to put the baby up for adoption. Therefore, the baby has a chance at life and the possibility to have an open relationship with their birth mother. Adoption can also provide options for couples who are sterile. Abortions can cause mental and physical damage to a woman’s health. A woman undergoing this process may be faced with hemorrhaging, infection, or death. Statistically, it shows that women who have one abortion are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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Women who have two or more abortions face elevated risks such as being diagnosed with ovarian or liver cancer. Mentally, women begin to experience a varied amount of emotions following an abortion. These emotions range from but aren’t limited to anger, guilt, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. The emotions listed normally make an impact on individuals who are forced to get abortions or on someone who’s moral and ethical views conflict with this matter.

The process of abortion to pro-life supporters appears to be murder. This opinion has been formulated because the fetus is a developed organism. Within the first few weeks, the heart is beating, the legs have growth, and the brain is functional. In a month’s time the mouth, ears, and nose have formed. About forty days in, a heartbeat can be recorded and the skeleton has developed. I say all that to say that since the fetus has a heartbeat he/ she should be considered and have the same rights as anyone else. Biblically, abortion is morally incorrect because it isn’t something that has been ordained by God. One of the ten commandments states, “ thou shalt not kill”. With the fetus being alive within three weeks, abortion leads to the killing of a fetus. Which then results in breaking one of the ten commandments which isn’t a sin that people see as forgivable. Recently in the news, I’ve noticed that abortion has been a trending topic. Personally, I think it is definitely a discussion worth having. Some states have made abortion illegal and I couldn’t agree more. As stated before, abortion has alternatives and this option shouldn’t even be given a thought. Once the fetus develops a heartbeat it should be provided an equal opportunity at life as anyone else. People often argue that women can do what they want with their bodies, and they can.

Women just shouldn’t have kids if they don’t want them or if they intend to bring harm to them. In some cases, women have been raped and become impregnated that way. No one will ever understand the hurt that women endured prior to carrying and conceiving that child. In this instance, abortion should still be ruled out because the mother isn’t the only person whose life is at stake at this moment.

In conclusion, abortion is a very controversial topic. My position against it still stands due to personal beliefs. Abortions, bring about psychological illnesses that are difficult to cure and cause damage that can be incurable.

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