Should Abortion Be Legalized Or Not?

Whether abortions should be legal or illegal has been a controversial topic around the world. Some people think that the illegalization of abortion should be an active law because of the misconceptions surrounding abortion. Contrarily, many others think that abortion should be legal because of the positive effects on both a woman’s physical and mental state that significantly outweigh the few negatives.

The reasons as to why abortion should be legalized is vast, but here are a few reasons why.

Beginning with the fact that a fetus is not legally or scientifically classified as a human being, meaning that the fetus is not alive but similar to a brain dead person that has no consciousness, emotions, or feel pains, but still has a beating heart (News24, 2013).

Aside from this, if the law prohibits abortion, it won’t stop women from having abortions entirely. Women will seek illegal abortions which are incredibly unsafe and often fatal (News24, 2013). Women who obtain abortions willingly are a lot less likely to suffer from mental health problems than women who want abortions but are denied (ProCon, 2018).

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Abortions are a woman’s right and ultimately should be legalized on a global spectrum primarily because a fetus does not have the ability to feel pain, it will not stop women from obtaining abortions entirely, and women who are denied abortions are probable to suffer from mental health problems.

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