Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

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Should Abortion Be Legal

Should abortion be legal? This is such a contraversial subject and everyone is debating this subject from scholars to preachers. The issue of morality and murder seem to be the most debated subject. I personally say no to legalizing abortion to a certain extent. I feel that in the event that a woman is raped, or it becomes a issue of health complications for the mother or child then yes abortion may be necessary but then and only then should a woman be allowed to have an abortion. The abortion debated refers to the ongoing contraversy surrounding the moral and legal status of abortion. The two main groups involved in the abortion debate are the pro-choice movement and pro-life. The pro-choice activist believe that its a woman;s rights to have an abortion if she chooses.

The pro-life activist believe that it’s immoral, illegal, and murder. This debate has been going on and on for years a question of who’s right or wrong has yet to be established so therefore the debate continues to rage on so much sot that people have been hurt and even killed with this volatile issue. Then comes the issue of morals vs. religion would God want you to destroy a life he created but not everyone believes in God. I was taught to live and let live but not everyone feels the same way I do.

Would it make me immoral to have an abortion from such a trama as rape. I would not want to bring a child into the world from such a violent act even thought it wouldn’t be the child’s fought. I would probably resent this child and again another question arises its not the child’s fought in the way he/she was conceived which is true and deserves to have the right to life. Let’s look at one statistic while statistics show that the abortion rate is falling across the United States, there are still over one million abortions still being performed each year. I believe that instead of having such a long drawn out debate about abortion we should focus on more on educating our young woman on how to protect themselves and what contraceptives would work for them. I think the public should know more about pregnancy prevention then constantly arguing back and fourth about the abortion issue which seems know resolution to. The use of abortion as a birth control method seems a little harsh to me is getting rid of a baby as easy as taking a pill or using a condom?

Everyone keeps arguing about abortion but theirs a bigger picture what about the rights of the fetus. Everyone is so focused on the rights of the mother who will stand up and give voice for the unborn fetus who can’t stand up and give voice for themselves . Pro-life does a lot of focusing on the specific act of abortion but to me a fetus should have some rights to. First the fetus didn’t play a part in his/her conception but once a woman is diagnosed as being pregnant shouldn’t there be some immediate rights that the fetus should have? According to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) no state interest described by fetal rights advocates has enough force to override a woman’s fundamental rights of privacy, bodily integrity, and self determination…until the child is brought fourth from the woman’s body our relationship with it must be mediated by her a pregnant woman and her fetus should never be regarded as separate, independent, and even adversarial, entities yet that is precisely what some anti choice organizations, legal theorist, legislators, prosecutors, doctors, and courts have attempted to do in the past decade.

They have tried to build support for the notion that the fetus has legal rights independent of the woman carrying it in her womb. Although this concept is sometimes put forward in very sympathetic contexts, it is laced with risk for woman’s rights. Theories of “fetal right have been promoted through different approaches in both legislation and litigation. Legislation to protect fetuses can take many different forms. The extent to which such a bill may endanger reproductive rights depends on its specific terms and implications. For example, states may: 1) amend homicide statutes to include the fetus as a possible victim; 2) pass statutes defining the fetus as a person or human being, thereby making the fetus fall within the compass of other statutes applicable to all persons or human beings; 3) enact freestanding statutes to define and penalize a new crime of injury to a fetus, fetal homicide, or “feticide”; 4) extend wrongful death statutes to permit civil suits against individuals who cause the death of a fetus; or 5) enact new statutes to penalize injury to a pregnant woman that causes her fetus to die or be injured.

In some instances, two or more of these approaches to fetal protection may be combined in a single bill. I truly believe that some type of bill should be passed in order to protect the unborn fetus. I think that this is sometimes a clear case of murder simply because the female doesn’t want the responsibility of raising a child but there are other alternatives such as adoption. Their are so many woman out here today who would love to have a baby and due to some medical issue or what-ever can’t conceive a child wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the baby and give it up for adoption if you don’t want the responsibility of the child.

I think that the issue of abortion gave woman a way out of a situation that they put themselves in for what-ever reason and all the contraversy surrounding abortion has made it a popular thing to do but what of the unborn. I know that we have the freedom to do as we please with our bodies and yes some of the issues surrounding abortion may violate a woman’s constitutional rights but what about the constitutional rights of the fetus? Doesn’t it violate some rights to life to just have an abortion simply because you and the father were irresponsible and didn’t protect themselves against the chance of conceiving a child. In this day and time it’s to many way to protect yourself from the risk of pregnancy. Let’s look of some contraceptive you have the birth control pill which you take on a daily basis and is 99% accurate to prevent pregnancy. Then you have condoms which you can buy over the counter in any store but be careful when choosing this method because they can bust, contain holes, and aren’t as accurate as other methods also you should always use latex never sheep skin because this type of condom contains pores which allows semen and other disease to penetrate.

You also have what is called deprovera. This is a shot which is administered four times a year every three months. This stops a woman from having a period which in turn no eggs can be released and pregnancy can’t occur. Their are so many more contraceptive that are available to the public so getting pregnant unless you want to can be prevented. Their is also a pill called the morning after which when taken in a twenty-four hour period of unprotected sex can be quite accurate. Education and access should be a top priority in pregnancy prevention. I also believe that their should be some limits to the amount of abortions that a female can receive. I know woman who have had over five abortions in their life time.

Shouldn’t their be some limit and restrictions when it comes to the number of abortion one can receive. I know I may be pro-life with some restrictions but I just think that the government looks at this issue of abortion as a cash cow because it really doesn’t cost a lot to get one and since it’s so cheap a woman who get’s pregnant and just doesn’t want the baby can get one for cheap depending how far along she is in the pregnancy. On the average a woman can get an abortion for under 250 dollars. This is such a travesty to me you can end a life for a mere 250 dollars. I try to look at the issue on both sides of the fence and I just don’t agree with some of the pro-choice isssue’s. The question I’m asking is who is it pro-choice for it certainly isn’t pro-choice for the unborn. I truly feel very strongly about the abortion issue and I can’t truly tell the outcome of this great debate but I feel that everyone has the right to life especially if it’s given to you.

If you just don’t want a child then by all means do the right thing and protect yourself against this very real possibility. I’m not saying that abortion is murder but when you really look at the situation it could be considered just that. Someone is taking my right to live away from me and I have know say in the matter than what else would it be called. I’m being terminated without permission without even being asked then could you not say that it is murder or manslaughter at the least. I feel that we should take more responsibility in the way we handle the situation of abortion.

I think that we should take a minute and think about how we would feel if put in this situation could we go through with the abortion or would we have some compassion for the unborn fetus who didn’t ask to come here in the first place. I’m sure that I’m biased on this issue because I don’t believe in this horrible act to end a life and just a little prejudiced but I was raised in that time and era where it just wasn’t even thought about or talked about because it was considered to be taboo and wrong a sin as my grandmother would call it. I truly believe that a unborn fetus should have rights especially in cases that the female and male were irresponsible and didn’t use any form of protection. Their are numerous birth control methods today that can be utilized in the prevention of pregnancy. Abortion should never be used as an method of birth control when really it isn’t because conception has already occurred. Do I think abortion should be legal? I still say NO.



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