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Should Abortion be Illegal

Having an abortion causes the end of an pregnancy term by removing the fetus depending on the stage before it can live outside of the female’s body. Millions of females have faced unplanned pregnancies each year and a little under an half of them decide to go on the abortion process(PlannedParenthood, 2018). Some of the reasons varies for having an abortions from health issues, sexual assault, safety issues, and so on. Additionally due to the Supreme Court case in 1973 named Roe v.

Wade, the laws against abortions were considered void. In turn to the laws made after the case, states can restrict or limit the amount of times a surgically induced abortion can occur.

Roe vs. Wade wasn’t the start of abortions in the United states. Since 1965, unsafe abortions resulted in one sixth of deaths relating to childbirth. Roe vs. Wade was a decision made in 1973 that declares the access to abortion methods to be lawful. The Supreme Court ruled seven-two the states with limitations on the arrangement of abortions to be unlawful and unconstitutional.

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After the case, some states tried to start acting on laws that tried to limit abortion rates. For example the states tried to make laws that would involve having parent consent for abortions and other way to limit the amount of abortions the expecting mothers can have.

The ability to decide when to have a baby should be a right made by the mother. She will be responsible for nurturing and growing the baby inside of herself for 9 months, and then caring for the baby for at least 18 years after birth.

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This is a very large responsibility that can drastically change someone’s life. A woman should be allowed to choose if she would like to take on this

responsibility for the rest of her life, or if she believes that it is not the right time for her. Giving women control over their bodies is a basic human right, and this should not be denied to any women, regardless of the situation.

The mental health of a woman is very important when it comes to raising a child. The process of pregnancy, childbirth, and even raising a child can cause a drastic decrease in a women’s mental health because of the challenges they will have to face. Having a child is a life changing moment, and having a child they are not ready for can be very detrimental to a woman’s health because it can cause regret, and anger. However, if a women is able to legally get an abortion, she will be much more likely to feel a sense of relief. Studies have shown that about 95% of women who received abortions believed that it was the right choice when asked about it a week later (ProCon, 2018). Mental health is a very serious topic, and if a women’s mental health is declining after the birth of her baby, then this could drastically affect the care that the baby receives.

If abortion is not legalized, abortions will not stop. Many women who want abortions will do whatever it takes to get rid of their baby. This can be because of family problems, religious issues, or just personal needs. If women are not able to have access to safe, sanitary abortions they will be forced to result to unsafe options. The percentage of at home abortions will increase, and women can cause serious injury to themselves. At home abortions are very unsafe, and unsanitary as they are most often not being performed by a licensed medical doctor. Every year, about 68,000 women die of unsafe at home abortions around the world (Haddad, 2009). Methods of unsafe abortion can include drinking toxic fluids such as bleach, inserting sharp objects into

the vaginal area to penetrate the uterus, or inflicting blunt force trauma to the abdomen (Haddad, 2009). These methods not only inflict injury onto the fetus, but they can cause serious injury to the mother. However, if abortion is legalized, women will have access to safe abortions and the number of maternal deaths from unsafe abortions will decrease greatly.

Child abuse is defined as “when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child”(ChildHelp, 2018). When a child is born unwanted, the risk of child abuse is much higher. The parents often feel like their child is a burden, so they care much less about the child. Child abuse can cause detrimental effects to the child through learning, developing, or even just their mental state. Studies have shown that 80% of adults who were abused as a child met the criteria for at least one mental health disorder (ChildHelp,2018). Making abortion illegal leaves so many children at risk to being born into a home where they are unwanted, where they are abused, or where they are not cared about.

However, legalized abortions can also go against many religious beliefs, it can sometimes cause psychological problems to mothers, and it can also reduce the number of adoptable babies. Abortion denies the word of God, as the Bible states in the 6th Commandment that ‘Thou shalt not kill’ (Exodus 20:13). Also, in the Bible, God does not distinguish between babies and fetuses, he recognizes the baby at the time it is conceived (ProCon, 2018). Because of this, many people believe that abortion should be illegal, as it does not follow the Bible.

Another problem that goes against the legalization of abortions is the fact that life starts right at conceptions, and by having a abortions you are technically killing an human being that has an right to an life. During fertilization of the egg an human is made into existence with an its own identity due to genetics that doesn’t change. So therefore having a abortions you denying an the fetus its right to live. They will also argue from conception to old age that everyone deserves the right to live no matter what.

Another argument against abortion is the fact they destroy the human potential that the child might have brought into the world if not for the abortion. The already existing child in the womb has the potential to develop in various ways and to accomplish certain things, and aborting the child absolutely nullifies these potentialities that the child could have.

One might argue the fact that the soon to be child is undoubtedly an human. They will possess their own genetics, skin, tissues and organs and body. In that case they are in no way a part of the female’s body. With this logic, to kill this human is the same as committing murder to another human.

One group of people argue that abortion is bad because they see it as a male plot. Most members in the group don’t reject the idea of abortion, but the fact that men support it. Argue that men acknowledge the risk of pregnancy as an obstacle that prevents them from sexual intercourse with females when they desire it. In that sense, being able to have abortions whenever you want is in essence, giving them women on demand.

Abortions can also cause mothers to experience mental health problems. While this is not very common, it does happen. Some women make the decision to have an abortion too quickly, and then later realize that it was not the correct decision. This can lead to intense feelings of

regret, and even depression. Reducing the number of adoptable babies can also be a problem with making abortion legal. Because there are many women and men who want children, but are unable to conceive, adoption is a great service.

However, when abortion is legalized, it can drastically decrease the amount of babies who are up for adoption. Putting up a baby for adoption can be much more work than abortion, so abortion could seem like the easy way out. Abortion can also seem like the best option because mother will not have to go through the whole pregnancy, and they will not have to go into labor and deliver the baby. Therefore, if abortion was legalized it could cause a decrease in the number of babies available for adoption.

Abortion should be legalized because it can give women the right to have control over their bodies, it can cause women to be mentally healthier, it will decrease the risk of unsafe abortion methods, and it will help reduce child abuse. Women will be able to choose if they do not want to carry a baby, and be allowed to terminate the pregnancy. Women will also be mentally and physically healthier as it can decrease feelings of regret and anger, and it can decrease the chances that a woman would put her body through unsafe trials to get rid of the baby. Lastly, abortion should be legalized because it will decrease the chances of child abuse. If a child is born unwanted, because they were unable to get an abortion it could lead to child abuse, or even neglect. However, if they are able to get an abortion before the baby is born, the amount of child abuse would decrease.

In conclusion, looking at the pros and cons of both sides of the abortion argument, abortions should be legal. The decision of Roe vs. Wade should stay in place and the choice of whether to have an abortion or not should be the choice of the mother. Abortions should be able to happen without consequences for doing it. States should not limit or try to arrange restricting limitations on abortions.

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