Should a Covicted Felon Have the Right to Vote Essay

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Should a Covicted Felon Have the Right to Vote

I think a convicted felon should have the right to vote after they spend their sentence in prison and finish with parole. I will give you three reasons why they should. My first reason is they are citizens like us and they might not be guilty. My second reason is ever though there not out and free they do watch TV to see what’s going on. My final reason is if it was polices officer or a famous person they still are aloud. The next paragraph I will tell you about my first reason. When we are born or take a test and pass, we become citizens. When we are 18 and a citizen, we are aloud to vote. Why should that change because we got in trouble?

In the same sense we they might get charged with something they didn’t do. As us citizens we are human so we do make mistakes, know matter how good you are in your job. I think in the same sense it is unfair to us citizen that a person with a drug charged can vote but a criminal can’t. I thought the USA was to suppose to be fair to everyone? That doesn’t make us fair to each citizen in the USA if a person did a mistake in his/her life. Yes I said a mistake, we have to forgive people not matter what they did. I know from a friend of mine that went jail and it does change you. The next paragraph I will tell you her short story.

I have a friend that was like a mom to me and I called her MAMA. She went to jail for five years for something she didn’t do, but the law saw different which is ok with me. She told me when she was in jail she thought about even little things she did when she was little that she could of got in trouble by the law. She said she loves the new her and she sees a different side of her. So in no doubt I think the jail can change you for the mistake you did. In the next paragraph I will talk about how people in jail still know what goes on around the world. When you go to jail you get to watch TV for a privilege.

A lot of times they watch they news that I heard and read from the internet and book and papers. When they watch the news I know they have to have their own feelings about the stuff. So why should they keep them when they get out cause they got in trouble by law. I know from experience when you keep things in can change you completely and when you been in jail it can make you commit another felony. Do you think we want more people in jail because it is us other citizens fault. I know I don’t want that.

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