Should A Country Provide Free Education? Essay

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Should A Country Provide Free Education?

Every country’s government provides education. In almost all countries in the world, child education is compulsory and children are required to stay in school until a minimum of age 16; child education is free. As children move on to college and university, tuition fees are usually implemented by an institution and the cost varies. Some countries offer college education for free, while others don’t. However, a country should provide free education to the students as it brings a lot of benefits to them.

Some says that lack of education manifests total chaos. A nation without education will be no different from savages. This is because education brings society into existence. If there is no education, there will be no society. However, some education fees are too much for the some people. Not everyone could afford to pay for the expensive education fee, especially for the poor people. Thus, it is important for a country ; poor country especially, to provide free education for the students in need.

Moreover, by providing free education, poor students will be driven to study harder and make use of themselves for the country when they succeeded. They will be encouraged to make use of the opportunity in order to change their lives. Thus, they will take the opportunity and value it for the sake of their lives including for their country. Good students with good attitude will be born in advance.

Furthermore, every people in a country pays taxes. There is no need for them to pay for the education anymore. Therefore, it is the government’s duty to pay for the education and give the people for free. People then will have no more arguments over this and accept the opportunity wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, some people says that free education is not good for the country. This is because they said that the students and the parents will not value education if it came to them for free. In international tests for elementary and high school students, the best students came from countries which do not provide free education. This is because the parents have to pay for the fees, and the tuition, and they make sure that their child study hard. Eventually, they conclude that it is not good to let people take things for granted, including the value of education. However, if they could eradicate such attitudes, and appreciate the opportunities, the free education will be more worth it and the value of education will be reserved.

Free education creates a need for the needy. Later, if free education is appreciated and people use it for good benefits, it is a must for a country to provide free education. A lot of hidden intelligence will be discovered behind those poverty walls.

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