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A short story - The Push

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (447 words)
Categories: Short Story
Downloads: 28
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When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There are many setbacks throughout life that make success seem inevitable. The ones who prevail though are the strong and different ones in the crowd. I for one have had many setbacks as a dancer. Time after time I tried out for the dance company and was turned down. This made my heart sink and for days I believed my whole dancing life was over with, that there was no hope left for me.

The two times I failed at becoming a member of the “prestigious” dance company, I became even more determined to make it in and prove to the director that I was worthy of this acceptance.

The first time I was turned down it was my age; I was too young to join a competitive team apparently. So in between then and the next time I was to try out I tried my best in somehow to make myself become more mature.

Also every night I would stretch before bed, practice point and work on the delicateness of my hands and the gracefulness of my body movement. In my mind when people tell me no, it pushes me to do everything in my power to prove I was right. This trait can be good or bad. In some cases, for example in school, if I found my teacher in the wrong and confronted them about it they would use their superiority against me.

This time though, I was not going to let this happen. I believed that my perseverance would help push me through this barrier of my judges’ closed mindedness and open there eyes to see my potential. Well that didn’t work. After being let down a second time, my determination to show these judges what they are missing out on quadrupled. I added two extra classes to my already excessive dance schedule. Believing in yourself and pushing yourself when the going gets tough, brings out the toughness in you.

This is when people can break or succeed. For me, this was when I succeeded in becoming the new addition to the company. Not only was I just a member, I was the lead in a few of the dances which is a big honor. I had been a success to myself. I proved to everyone that I was worthy of being in the company, that I was filled with determination to be the best and I showed myself that I can pull off anything as long as I set my mind on it. In the end my parents just wished I would put that much time and effort into my schoolwork and grades.

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