Short Story Format and Novel Format Fiction Essay

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Short Story Format and Novel Format Fiction

Fiction writing is one definitive way to convey an author’s viewpoint even if the concepts being embedded are not factual at all. The culmination of the whole idea formatted together creates a story that does not only appeal to the writer him- or herself but also establishes an impact to the person who reads it. While fictional writing can be formatted in various ways, perhaps the short story format and novel format of fiction are the most recognized and enjoyed.

Fiction passages in these forms focus more on the overall purpose of the subject which is to provide individuals with greater understanding about life as a whole. In their own ways, both novels and short stories help individuals understand how they perceive themselves and the universe, but it cannot be denied that they do so in a markedly distinct fashion. While various elements of fiction in novels and short stories are parallel, differences can also be drawn between the two forms.

Of course, the most basic can be seen with their length: A novel is longer and contains a book-length story, while a short story is comparatively shorter (Whiteley 20). More often than not, a novel’s story involves several characters and events within their lives. The novelist may bring together those unique characters and combine them together in a single plot that may contain other side stories that can span on extended periods.

Meanwhile, a short story is also a work that has imaginary characters, events, and locations, but unlike the novel, such format’s action often revolves around a single incident that only takes place in a brief period. By narrowing the focus, short story writers attain a single effect, and because short stories require limited space, the pacing of the story is much quicker and more direct to the point than novels wherein scenes may take pages to be depicted and unfolded (Mulcrone 590) Another area wherein short story and novel fiction often differ is the viewpoint.

Novels may contain several viewpoints that eventually reconnect at some point within the story. However, as short stories do not have the luxury of space, a single viewpoint is what culminates the concept as varying perspectives can eventually disrupt the immediate character identification that readers need (Whiteley 20). The pertained differences in the said formats in some way affect how a reader appreciates the story. Short story fiction, with its preciseness, provides an avenue for readers to easily understand what is being talked about through the fast-paced unfolding of the story.

It paves way for individuals to grasp some aspects about the world in one sitting, and it allows readers to easily establish immediate identification of the character. On the other hand, novels create an environment where readers can have an intensive and extensive reading experience (Booth 62). As the story in novels gradually unfolds, readers become a drawn participant as they try to discover who is doing what, further establishing patience as there is a need to follow the thread so that one may not be lost.

Although short stories and novels are markedly distinct in some ways, it cannot be denied that both are important entities of literature because they help answer questions that are related to human existence. It can then be asserted that such fiction formats are the confirmation of life as both have the power to affect the “literary and literacy lives of readers” (Booth 63) by giving them an area where they can reflect and respond to the stories being offered. Works Cited Booth, David.

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