Short Story Essay

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Short Story

A flight had just landed in the very crowded Houston airport. It was a very foggy, misty morning. The Journey from Belgium to Houston was long and uncomfortable, and Peter was cold, miserable and unhappy. Huddled up like a hedgehog, in his filthy black coat, he pierced through the crowd for a familiar face that could help him get through this confusion. Looking in his wallet he discovered that he was penniless. Peter was sixteen years old, average height, and a child with a mild and simple character. His father was a cashier who hardly made enough money to run the household, and his mother was a housewife. During these situations, Peter was forced to quit high school and start working. He came to Houston in search for a job to support his family, but he knew nothing, no-one, and had no idea about Houston, so he was indescribably anxious. “Excuse me,” Peter said politely to a man facing away from him. “Yes…” replied the man showing his face

Peter was familiar with this face; he was the one who was sitting right next to him on the plane. His name was Mike, he was about 22 years old, 6 feet tall, and was oddly dressed in a black suit. “It’s you again!” Peter said surprisingly, “can you please tell me where I can reclaim my luggage?” “Oh! Even I am going there, we can go together if you want” Mike suggested. “Yeah! Sure,” Peter agreed.

They both started walking, and there was an eerie silence between them. The silence was interrupted by Mike’s phone call and when he looked at it, his face feelings had changed, he was agitated. “I need to take this call, you carry on,” Mike stammered, pointing the way. Then Mike went into a corner where there is no one to hear his conversation like it was some sort of a dark secret “Yes boss,” Mike answered the call.

“Did the goods reach Houston?” The boss questioned. “Yes, the goods had reached Houston,” Mike whispered. “Good, this is your first time so be careful,” the boss said, and ended the call. In the meantime, Peter retrieved his bag, but it seemed a bit heavier than usual, and the colour of the bag seemed a bit faded away. “It’s just my imagination,” Peter assumed and carried on. After 2 minutes of walking, Peter was getting chased by dogs. The dogs were sitting there right next to his bag. Then the customs officer came, and took his bag into an office room, and started checking. After sometime they came back. “You are under arrest,” exclaimed an Officer.

“But why?” Peter argued. “Remain silent and walk,” snarled another Officer Taken into custody, poor Peter didn’t know what was happening and when he asks the custom officers, they were ignoring him. On the other hand, Mike gets a phone call from his boss again. “Yes boss, I retrieved the bag with the drugs, and leaving the airport,” Mike said. “Deliver it and you’ll get paid,” ordered the Boss, and ended the call. Mike was aiming to the exit door, but before that he was expecting dogs chasing, and sirens ringing. However, nothing happened. He walked out of the airport thinking that wasn’t bad after all.

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