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Short Story – Creative Writing Essay


With no food and only water in abundance, I began to worry. Timothy was also beginning to behave strangely. I observed him closely, to discover he had chewed his fingernails away. There were also a numerous amount of distinctive blood stains on the sleeves of his, white jacket. Then it hit me, patches of skin missing on the arms… blood stains on the jacket… bite marks on the arms. It all connects! I walked off, in search of Terrance, and after discussing the matter, he too became concerned. Time passed and another ghastly day went by. Five days had gone.

Terrance and I were fine; it was only Timothy we were worried about. The sky was gloomier that day and we had not seen sunlight for days. The sky became much darker, and it was becoming harder to see. Timothy had marched off, and I began pacing from one side of the hut to the other… Crunch. I heard the leaf litter around the bushes moving. The reflection from what looked to be a machete, dazzled my eyes. We huddled together, me and Terrance. I took another peek, and saw two white eyes ogling me. I could hear the blood rushing through my ears. The shadow scuttled behind the bushes.

I began to hear a whistling noise. It’s just the wind, I told myself. It leapt out. Wielding the machete, it let out some ferocious swipes. One whisked past my ear, hearing the blade slicing through the air. My heart thumped, beating harder every second. Terrance tripped, taking me down in his crushing grip. It was all over. We couldn’t move. I closed my eyes… I heard the machete dig into the ground, feeling a brightly coloured light burning against my eyelids. There he was, standing in front of us. Timothy, with the sun shining right into him.

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Petrified, Terrance bolted. I was left stranded in the sand, and immediately took hold of the machete. I saw Timothy fall to the ground with his hands clamped to his eyes. Light hadn’t been seen in days! With Timothy back on his feet again, we followed the sun’s path across the island. We began to see life as we travelled across the island, first the occasional butterfly and then a flock of birds in full flight. Our spirits lifted as we saw the wildlife but then the sand became loose. The final dune was dreadful, as each footstep was engulfed by the dune.

And then in the distance we heard it, a helicopter? Could it be? The noise became louder, as we progressed. We started climbing faster, hoping for the best and there it was, the icing on the cake, “UN Search & Rescue”. As the fluorescent helicopter hovered above the shore-line, two men leapt out, wrapped us in warm blankets and escorted us to safety.  Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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