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Short Story About Our First Date

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 14 (3258 words)
Categories: Short Story
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from melting. I had absolutely no idea where we were going. None of the area surrounding us appeared familiar at all. “Are you going to keep your date in the dark the entire time, also?” I finally asked. He didn’t answer. “‘Cause, well, it’s kind of creepy not knowing where you’re going with someone you’re just going on a first date with.” “Don’t girls like surprises?” he asked, still staring forward.

Unrelenting. I rolled her eyes. “Well yeah, but come on – give me the benefit of the doubt here. Imagine you were in her shoes. Some kid she didn’t know too well asked her out, and then doesn’t tell her where they’re going. Kind of weird, isn’t it?” “Who said she didn’t know me?” he shot back. I sighed rather overdramatically. “Well, I still don’t even know who the heck she is! I can only assume ’cause you’re not being forthcoming.

” He laughed, obviously pleased with his little – rather big – secret. “You’ll see.” “I’ll see what? Are you going to get even creepier and put a blindfold on me before we walk in or something?” He feigned a look of hurt. “I didn’t know you thought of me like that, Squirt. Should I join some kind of psycho kidnapper cult or something?” “Quit joking and just cough it up already. This is your idea and so far it’s been pretty sweet and genuine – except your lack of conversation skills.” I thought about that for a second. “Then again, for a first date you’re both a bundle of nerves so there are a lot of awkward pauses.” He flipped on his directional again and I saw that we were turning into a parking lot behind what looked like an old theatre. He didn’t say a word, but kept a smile plastered on his face. He unbuckled his seatbelt, turned off the ignition and opened his car door. “I’ll get your door,” he said smoothly, before shutting his door and walking around the front of the car. I smoothed the front of her shirt and waited. Fine, I’ll just go along for the ride. He opened her door, offered me his arm for guidance and helped me up. “I’m pretty amazed, James. You’ve never done that before.” He didn’t say anything, instead he led me to the front of the theatre and just as we were about to see the sign of what was playing, he stopped me and placed his hands upon her shoulders. “Don’t squeal, ok!” he stated. “Squeal?” I asked, trying to look beyond him but he deflected her view. “I got us tickets to see a play you’ve been dying to see- can you handle it?” I could feel the excitement tingle through her body – did he just say he bought me a ticket to her favourite play? I nodded, trying not to show her excitement. He looked me square in the eyes and slowly pulled away from me, revealing the marquee which proudly announced · “Oh – her – God!” I breathed, nearly fainting. “You said you wouldn’t squeal,” he warned. He pulled out two tickets from his jacket pocket and handed me one of them. The tears in her eyes blinded her vision. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn’t read anything other than, “Andrew Lloyd Webber presents The Phantom of the·” “How? How did you do this?” I asked, completely shocked. A devilish grin, showing teeth and all, spread across his face. “I cannot share her tricks, it’d ruin her charm.” I laughed. Never, in the years that I’ve known him, has he done something like this for me. I mean, he’s acknowledged her birthday and holidays with a homemade card and some kind of trinket, but theatre tickets to her favourite play – make that, expensive theatre tickets in the city!? I was completely bowled over. “But·but, seriously, James! Do you realize how much you’re going to be spending on this first date, not just on your actual date – but just in practicing for it?” I couldn’t forget that we weren’t on the actual date together; I was only there to help him get through it, so that he could do it for real with his new girlfriend. “I already told you not to worry about it, you’re helping me. Remember?” I nodded slowly. Feeling another rush of emotion flow through me, I jumped up and threw her arms around his neck. “Thank you, thank you, and thank you!” I breathed in his ear. He laughed again and pulled away. “You’re very welcome, Squirt. Now let go, you’re giving me a backache.” We separated and I hopped up and down with pure excitement. “We’re going to see The Phantom!” I squealed. The rest of the evening went by like a whirlwind. After the play he drove us to a nearby park where we talked about what we wanted to do for summer and what we wanted to do after school. We sat side-by-side, popping bits of cotton candy into our mouths and giggled as the sugar melted upon hitting our tongues. It was chilly, but it was fun to see the staunch faces of the people who passed by. We’d point someone out and try to figure out what was going on in that person’s life. “I’m going to guess, mid-30’s, spinster and has ten Jamess,” James guessed as a heavyset woman with greying hair came bounding past us. “What about that one?” I asked, pointing to a pretty brunette in a tight-fitted black dress and silver heels. Her slough eyes stared down at the concrete as she walked, hands stuffed in her black leather trench coat, and a forlorn expression wrinkled her deliJamese face. She continued her slow pace, oblivious of the people that bustled past her. James sucked in his bottom lip and squinted hard. “Hmm · she’s a hard one.” I stuffed another tuft of pink cotton candy in her mouth and revealed in the sweet, syrupy, cherry taste as it slid down her throat. I can’t even tell you how long it had been since I had cotton candy – it had to be well over ten years. “Come on, you’re good at this,” I finally said. I had an idea, but I didn’t want to share it until I heard his. “I bet,” he paused as he licked some loose cotton candy from his thumb and forefinger. “I bet she’s sad.” I rolled her eyes. “Well, duh, Sherlock. How’d you guess that one?” “It’s elementary her dear, Watson, elementary.” He pretended to smoke on a pipe and blew out a puff of warm air before he continued, “Her eyes, they stare to the ground suggesting she doesn’t wish to look up. What does one do when they’re sad? They look down.” I pretended to be sad and slid the tips of her index fingers down her face from the corners of her eyes as though I were crying. “That’s so sad.” “What?” James quipped. “So sad, that she’s sad?” I smiled. “Of course. Don’t you get sad when someone else is sad around you?” He looked away, staring off into the distance, avoiding her gaze. “Well·” He finally looked at me. His blue eyes locked on mine and a serious expression settled on his face. “Of course I do.” “Well, there you go.” He took in a breath and pulled the sleeve of his jacket up so that he could glance down at his watch. “Oh!” he said startled, sitting up from his slouched position. “Oh?” I asked, sitting up as he had done. He flashed me another one of his devilish smiles. “You ready?” “Ready for what?” “Like I’m going to tell you.” He laughed. Before I could object, he pulled me up from our perch by her hands, stuffed the remaining cloud of cotton candy into a nearby garbage can and slipped his arm through mine. The way he did it reminded me of one of her favourite childhood movies, The Wizard of Oz. I couldn’t help but hum the tune as we walked down the path, practically brushing past the forlorn woman in her trench coat. “You hungry,” he finally asked as we headed back toward his car. “Eh, I’m ok.” He looked down at his watch again. “Why do you keep doing that?” I asked when he opened his car door for me. “Keep doing what?” I pointed to his watch and saw his face become crimson. “Oh, that? I’m just checking to make sure we have time.” “Time? Time for what? What else have you got plotted for this evening?” He closed her door and didn’t answer me. Once again I watched him from the rear-view mirror as he walked behind the car to his door. When he opened his door and sat down, I didn’t give up. “Time for what?” I repeated. He wiped his forehead and brushed some of his hair away from his face. His once slicked back style was now letting go, springing some of his blonde locks every which way. I poked his shoulder. “Hello?” He turned to me, his left hand squeezing the steering wheel. “What?” “Where are we going now?” He laughed. It wasn’t his usual, best friend laugh; it was throatier, so much more masculine. Something inside me ached, but I didn’t know why exactly. “You’re not going to do this to her, right?” “You already asked me that didn’t you?” “You keep avoiding her questions with more questions, just answer me!” He shook his head. “You can’t do that to a girl!” I growled. I wasn’t really angry, more irritated than anything. I and surprises don’t mix. I don’t like them and he knew that. Why was he purposely being this way, it was so out of character. He turned the key in the ignition and revved the engine. “I promise you, I’ll tell you when we’re just about there.” I folded her arms across her chest and jutted out her chin, pouting. “Fine.” He laughed again, obviously relishing in this little game of torture. “Don’t laugh at me,” I grumbled. “I can’t help it, you’re just too cute.” Whoa! Whoa, what was that? “I’m what?” I asked, hoping he’d repeat himself. He looked at me blankly for a second and then turned his attention back to the road, “I said, you’re funny.” Not wanting to push the subject, I flipped on the radio and sat back in the seat watching as twilight began to set in the sky. The colours were so beautiful. Pinks and blues and purples, there was even a hint of orange in there. It was like one of those gorgeous James Ross paintings you’d see him teaching you how to create on PBS. James sighed. She opened her eyes and twisted to face James, to watch him as he drove. “I was only thinking, that’s all.” “Thinking about what?” I shrugged her shoulders indifferently. “Nothing important” We sat in silence. Only the hum from the engine and an old song by the Beatles faded in and out from the speakers. Before I knew it, we were parked and he was tapping me on her shoulder. “Sheesh · I didn’t mean to put you to sleep,” he joked, holding out his hand for me to take it. She yawned and stretched her arms out, not even realizing I had fallen asleep. When I looked out the door where he stood, she realized it was now too dark to see anything. She missed sunset. She was a little disappointed. “I’m sorry.” Her voice was thick with sleep still and she tried to clear her throat, but couldn’t. He continued to laugh at Jena. “She doesn’t care,” he said shutting her door and once again looping his arm though mine. “S he get that you had your excitement with seeing The Phantom, you needed some shut eye, no biggie.” She couldn’t help but yawn again. “The night’s almost over,” he whispered, his voice low and husky. “She thinks you’re really going to impress her,” She said, trying to walk but she kept stumbling over what felt like bricks. Her feet felt so heavy. They tingled slightly like they had fallen asleep. “Can you walk alright?” She nodded, forgetting he probably couldn’t see me all too well in the darkness. “Are we almost there?” “She sighed.” She stumbled again, this time her knee slammed down upon the gravely surface. “Ouch!” she cried out in pain. She knelt over and tried to feel around her knee to see if the fall had sliced open her jeans. She could feel little bits of pebbles imbedded in her skin and the cool air kissed the scraped flesh. “Damn it,” James muttered, squeezing her fist in frustration. “Oh, crap, I’m sorry! Are you ok? I didn’t see that there!” he bent over her and tried to see what had happened. The throbbing pain in her leg began to ebb and was once again replaced by the annoying tingling sensation in her foot. James got to her feet and hobbled forward, trying not to put any pressure on her wounded leg. Just stepping down on her tingling feet, the pins and needles sensation went coursing through her body like lightening. “Do you need me to carry you?” James asked, a hint of worry escaping from his tone. Jena brushed his hand away as he began to slide it up her back, guiding me towards him. “Nah, I’m a big girl. I’ll be fine.” They continued walking side by side in silence. Up in the distance a light could be seen filtering through a partially opened door. “There it is,” James stated and I could tell in the darkness he had been pointing. The rustling of his jacket gave it away. “What is it?” Jena asked. “You’ll see.” We continued further and she hobbled along trying to match his pace, which as soon as he saw the light ahead he had started to speed up a little. She tried to keep up, but he kept going faster and faster. Luckily the pins and needle sensation was all but gone, the only aching feeling came from her skinned knee. “Here.” He stopped abruptly. Before she could protest, he grabbed her arms and flipped me onto his back, piggy-back style. I clung to his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, as he loped down what appeared to be a sand bank. Mid-way during our descent, Jena could smell the scent of the ocean water and hear the waves lapping against the shore. They were at a beach. Breathing heavy, she heard him say, “We’re almost there.” The closer they got to the light, the more I realized where we were. Standing before us, in the darkness, was a tall white structure. “A lighthouse,” I breathed. “You brought me to a lighthouse?” “He sighed.” He didn’t open his mouth; instead her hands felt the vibration from his Adam’s apple. A thrill rushed through me. I felt so special. But just as quickly I remembered, this wasn’t really for me. This was for his date. He was practicing for his date. He stepped up the stone pathway that lead up to the lighthouse entrance, leaned backward to let me down and stretched his arms out above him. I smiled as I heard his back crack and pop with his bones set back in place. “You’re getting old,” she joked. A light rounded passed us from the lighthouse lantern and I could tell he was smiling. “Shall we?” he asked, holding his arm out for me to follow. She took his hand and followed him up to the entrance of the lighthouse. Inside sat a romantic table for two. A lit candelabrum sat in the middle of white linen tablecloth casting shadows along the walls and up the winding staircase. Matching plates, sterling silver utensils and crystal stems glistened. “Wow,” she whispered, partially covering her mouth with her hand. She couldn’t believe how romantic James really was. This was definitely a side of him I’ve never, ever seen before. He grinned at her surprised expression and pulled a chair out for her to sit. “Did you make everything yourself?” she asked. He nodded and pulled out a large wicker basket from beneath the staircase. She couldn’t take it anymore. Emotions clouded her judgment and hormones took hold of me. Before he could set the food on the plate, she got up and stood in front of him. Jena took his hands into her and searched his eyes. “Today has been wonderful, James. She doesn’t know what’s coming over her·” Before she could finish her thought, Jena felt James’s lips on mine. His hot breath caressed her skin and she closed her eyes, giving in to him. He slowly pulled away from me, but kept his arms tightly wrapped around her waist. “I have wanted to do that for so long, you don’t even know.” Jena felt warm, fuzzy, and knew instantly she felt the same way. Perhaps I’ve always been in love with him, but never realized it. Can someone be friends with someone for so long and not even know they were meant to be together? “This will change everything,” she whispered, longing to feel his lips upon mine again. “It doesn’t change anything, just makes it so much better.” “But what about your date?” Jena asked. Her head cleared slightly and her conscience kicked in riddling her thoughts with guilt. He stared into her eyes and softly chuckled. “Don’t you get it yet?” James shook her head; obviously I missed something very important. “It’s been you all along,” he stated, his voice low and throaty. Before Jena could speak, he was once again kissing her. With one quick motion, he carefully lowered her to the floor. Jena didn’t even think. She could only feel· Her phone rang· Her eyes shot open. What was that sound? Her phone rang· she stared up a little surprised to see everything seemed so bright, so·so sunny. Groggy, I sat up and rubbed her eyes. Her phone rang· When she opened them, it only took her a second to realize she was no longer in a beautiful lighthouse kissing James. James was in her bedroom, on the floor as she must’ve fallen out of bed. A feeling of sadness swept through me. Jena pulled her knees to her chest and saw that they were pretty banged up from the fall. It all made sense now. Her phone ranged again· With a sigh, James lifted her up using her bed frame to steady her. Her heart fluttered in her chest as she set it against her ear. “Hello?” she swallowed hard, and remembered the dream. Remembered how good it felt being in his arms, the feeling of his lips on mine, his breath against her neck· “Hello?” he asked again. “Jena?” “I love you, James, and I think I always have,” she cried. Silence· Her throat tightened and her heart no longer fluttered; it raced, beating frantically within her ribcage. Jena never thought I’d feel this way about James, and now the fear of rejection was almost too much to bear. Jena heard him clear his throat and with a cracking voice he said, “Took you long enough, Jena.” He paused. “I’ve always loved you too.” and after a short courtship, the two start a relationship. They move in together in James new home on the Upper East Side.

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