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In just under the past fifty years, small family businesses are gradually being shut out, and are rarely being visited by the people in their local communities. This affects small businesses in a negative way. For example, many shops on Main Street are gradually becoming a thing of the past due to the consequences of shopping malls. Throughout my speech I’ll be talking about the affects on small towns, cities, local residents, the financial consequences, and the impacts it could have on our future generations.

* While shopping malls have an influence on people’s lives, not all of their effects have been positive. Almost all of the shops and services found in malls are in relation to large corporations. These businesses take away customers from smaller shops in near towns, forcing many of them to close down. That has led to the crippling of individually owned businesses and less local control over jobs. In addition, malls are harmful to the environment.

Each one is often built on land that is important to the survival of birds and wild animals or agricultural farming.

Wherever malls are built, structures tend to cover large areas with buildings and parking lots, instead of trees or grass. Therefore, they contribute to the loss of nature. And finally, malls are often built far away from the city or town center in order to accommodate the size of structures that cannot be built in a city core that already contains many typical city dwellings. This means that residents living within a 100 km radius must travel to those malls by car, resulting in an increase of air pollution along with heavy traffic on nearby roads.

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* Socially: One of the silliest claims they make is that the malls serve as places for social gathering and cohesion and say they create jobs. Believe it or not, the corporate media has even tried to sell us the Malls as our new modern churches, where people go to find meaning in their lives! Of course this nonsense is written and broadcast in defense of the capitalist system. What can be more socially alienating when walking through a mall with strangers looking for something that you might want to buy? Compare that experience with going to a small neighborhood store where the owners and workers know you by your own name and even know your preferences.

* Cities and small towns are affected in both positive and negative ways. Even though it provides more convenience to locals, it also has negative impacts for small businesses, and the economy when considering the long term affects.

* Local businesses are forced to shut down due to competition with large corporations, and the economy is effected in the long run because 1. Local businesses shut down so it’s workers are forced to find other employments (i.e. Wal-Mart) 2. Big corporations sell cheaper merchandise because they open factories abroad where they spent less money and make more profit. This affects the economy by taking away quality jobs and having more people compete for minimum wage labour

I am hoping we all learned something today by exploring how building shopping malls impacts small towns and cities also we mentioned how human factors affected, financial consequences and most importantly effects on future generations. In conclusion, I would like to invite you all to search what is going on recently in Istanbul, people stand unite to protect afew remaining green space

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