Shopping: Best Friend of Women Essay

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Shopping: Best Friend of Women

Beyond all doubt, market could not survive without women. From malls to markets, all of them look like territory of women. Actually, similar to what we have seen, the female consumer is a very high share of social consumer and she is also becoming a research object of social economics. Nowadays, there is more and more criticism about female consumption. However, I believe that shopping is not only important, but also a positive part of women’s life. As a tag, “shopping” is always connected with females. In public opinion, especially from males, it is also a sign of greed and excess. Consequently, it is improper that women pay more attention to shopping, likewise it contradicts the traditional standard of a good wife: frugal and selfless. While, maybe it is true that women spend more time and energy on shopping, I believe it is totally understandable. At first, women do shopping not only for interest but also for their family role.

In fact, most males just see that women do shopping almost everyday, while, women also buy stuff for their household. According to a study from China, the family daily necessities is the largest budget of about 72% Chinese female consumers (“Study”).1 The same goes to Brazil, about 66% Brazilian household consumption is decided by women (“Study”).2 Because of females family role, they have to spend time and energy on purchase of daily supplies for families, such as food, clothes, and cleaning products. Thus I think it is unfair that women perform their duties with criticism. Besides, It is no doubt that females are much smarter than males on buying.

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