Shooting Dad Essay

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Shooting Dad

Shooting Dad

In Vowell’s opening statement, she refers to her house as being “house divided” and what she means is that one of her parents is a Democrat and the other parent is a Republican. On Election Day if you were to drive by her house you would see two different campaign signs in the front yard telling you to vote for two different people because each parent is from a different political party. In paragraph 12, Vowell’s father said it was fine that his daughter wanted nothing to do with guns because he didn’t want to control her life or force her to do anything she didn’t want to do and because he could still go hunting with his other daughter. Vowell describes her father’s family as very sarcastic and doesn’t really respect them or think to highly of them, which kind of goes a long with how she feels about her father’s political views because she doesn’t agree with any of them all because she is from the opposite political party. Vowell’s main purpose of writing this, to me, was to prove that her view on political parties is right and that her father’s is wrong.

She portrays her father as a man who knows nothing and is going nowhere in life all because of the person he is going to be voting for. I think Vowell’s final sentence was written to show that she and her father are slowly starting to understand each other and listen to each other’s thoughts more often. I thought it was a satisfying conclusion because throughout the entire story she makes it sound like she hates her father and will never respect him or listen to anything he says but then at the end she does a good job and makes it clear that she understands and loves her father. Another way that Vowell makes her father seem like a terrible person is that she makes it sound like he likes her sister a lot more than her and that he only hangs out with her sister because they have more in common so she never gets to do anything with her own father. In the story Vowell says she doesn’t like guns, but then later says that she doesn’t mind the cannon that her father shoots and the reason for that was because her father wanted his ashes shot out of the cannon.

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