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There have been many stories told in the past about Gods. Every story has its own supernatural spin, providing a forceful sense of cause and effect events. This almost always forms the cultural plot to describe a bad or good point in time. Certain sequences of myths describe a situation where god destroys mankind for not going through with their intentions when they created mankind, by creating a massive flood. These stories include: “Noah’s Ark”, “Tata and Nena”, and the “Deucalion”. All of these stories have cultural aspects that provide similarities and differences in each other.

One thing that is important to point out is that “Tata and Nena”, “Deucalion”, and “Noah’s Ark” all explain what happened to the world after it was destroyed, in different ways. For example in the story of “Deucalion”, “Tlaloc then appeared to them and said, “This is how I am repaid for saving your lives? ” They were changed into dogs” (Bierlein30). In the story “Tata and Nena”, they were asked to only eat corn but instead they ate fish, so then Tlaloc got mad and turned them into dogs, in a world that was completely destroyed with no intention of repopulation.

In the “Deucalion” story, “These rocks were transformed into people who repopulated the earth” (Deucalion30). Rocks were thrown behind Zeus who then was turned to people who soon remade the world all over again. Also the myth of “Noah’s Ark” has a different story, “God then repopulated the world with what Noah had saved. Like the one of each animal” (Noah29). God decided to make the world again and used the animals Noah saved to do so. This all proves that all of the stories had a different way of explaining what happened to the world after it was destroyed.

All of the myths describe a different culture involved. Like, In the story “Deucalion”, “And it rained for 9 days and 9 nights until the entire world was flooded except for two mountain peaks in Greece, Mt Parnassus and Mt. Olympus, the latter being the home of the Gods”(Deucalion30). This shows that the Greek gods were ignorant and made it rain everywhere except in the Greece Mountains where they were staying. In “Tata and Nena”, “During the era of the Fourth Sun, the Sun of Water, the people grew very wicked and ignored the worships of the gods” (Bierlein30).

The Aztec gods were mad at humans for not listening to them, and so they decided they needed to flood the whole world. This shows that no one cared at all about anything the Aztec gods wanted. Also, In “Noah’s Ark”, God flooded the world and then saved Noah. He then repopulated the world and the Jews were afraid of the flood. God then promised the Jews he would not do another flood (Noah29). God basically said he’s tired of destroying the world with water, and he’ll leave the Jews alone for awhile.

It’s really obvious that all of the destruction of the world was all to show a side in which they came from and eventually rejoiced. In the stories of “Tata and Nena”, “Deucalion” and “Noah’s Ark” all have similarities. Like in “Tata and Nena”, “The god’s became angry and Tlaloc, the god of rains, announced that he was going to destroy the world with a flood” (Bierlein30). This proves that “Noah’s Ark”, “Deucalion”, and “Tata and Nena” all had moody gods that would wipeout the world with a flood if things weren’t going as planned.

In the “Deucalion” he was asked to go in the boat away from the flood. “These rocks were transformed into people who repopulated the earth” (Deucalion30). In both of the stories of “Deucalion” and “Noah’s Ark” the world was repopulated after the destruction. In the story of “Noah’s Ark”, “God asked Noah to take his family and get a male and female of every animal then to build an ark” (Noah29). In both stories of “Noah’s Ark” and “Deucalion” they were asked to do something and were saved from the flood in the end. This makes it crystal clear that stories have very similar actions during the flood.

Noah’s Ark”, “Tata and Nena”, and the “Deucalion” showed many similarities and differences. It also showed how Aztec, Jewish and Greek cultures presented their myths, and for the most part, explaining much more than just a flood. To this day there are people who claim they have found huge wooden boats relating it back to these myths. The truth is that people will believe whatever they want to believe. Al Gore is a firm believer in UFOs, and that’s not crazy in our society. The only difference between that and “Noah’s Ark” is that there are multiple flood myths passed on from century to century.

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