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Shipping Containers

According the finding of previous literature, Brandt (2011), (Vergara, 2013), (Moore et al. 2015), and (Kamarazaly et al. 2017) shipping containers are built and made of high grade steel to withstand the heavy and rough environments, also as per Nelson (2011), Bernaldo et al, (2013) and (Moore, 2015) indicates that strength of shipping container will be penalized due to modification or over modification shipping containers on building modular containers. Further (Bernado et al.2009) and (Vergara, 2013) emphasis on the shipping container life span and compare the lifetime of the shipping container houses with the conventional houses and its key factor on the decision on accepting containers as houses.

Based on the literature its evident that strength and durability has strong relationship with the buying decision of houses, either the houses could be traditional conventional type building or it could be Intermodal steel building unit (ISBU) strength and durability is an influential factor when deciding to accept such house or accepting the containers as houses, some research studies have indicated the rust of the containers are the major concern on developing houses using containers, Sri Lanka being surrounded with ocean and specially major parts of western province are exposed to ocean therefore this study will help to investigate acceptance of shipping container as houses as having implication on strength and durability.

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Implication on Living space (Design, Size and Shape of the container)

Living space is the main attributes of individuals decision making, living space features includes house design, building quality materials, interior and exterior designs, or finishing which these features are expected to stimulate on individual’s house purchase decision (Sengul, et al.

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, 2010; Opuku and Abdul-Muhmin, 2010). Several researchers found that these house features are in fact significant factors in determining the homebuyers’ choice and purchase of a house (El-Nachar, 2011; Haddad, et al., 2011; Sengul et al., 2010). Therefore features as house internal attributes such as quality of building, the design, as well as interior and exterior design; which are important for a consumer to select and purchase a house. The living space features are the most important factors affecting buyers housing decision. Based on different scholars strong relationship between living space and consumers’ house purchase decision making and pricing (Chan, et al, 2008; Opoku and Abdul-Muhmin, 2010). Therefore, this study defined living space as features such as the size of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living hall and other rooms available in the house.

Abelson et al (2005) found that size of houses is a factor that affect Australian real estate purchaser’s decisions. In accumulation, a survey conducted by Opoku & Abdul-Muhmin,(2010) found living space to be one of the most significant factors Saudi real estate purchasers used to think when acquiring real estate.

Considering the living space the shipping container with removal of side panels and also containers sometimes combined with other structures such as steel frames, allow to expand the interior space, due to the strength of the container this can be stacked one over the other as result this can create multi storied housing units (Sawyers, 2008).According to Robinson (2017) containers are 20ft x 8ft or 40ft x8ft., the steel structure of the container allows to modify to suit standard room sizes by joining units together. Most contributing factor of making a decision when buying a house is the living space (Ghazzawi and Abu Bakar, 2015), even though the living space can be expand by cutting the side panels of the container but according to number of report revealed this will compromise on the strength and durability and will be a major disadvantage on constructing a shipping container house.

As per the literature several scholars have found the living space is the main attribute to the purchase or acceptance of houses, it is reflective to note that living space is most significant factors in different geographical locations Abelson et al (2005) and Opoku & Abdul-Muhmin(2010) , further the living space are the features of design , building quality materials, interior and exterior designs, the size and shape of the space this determines the homebuyers purchasing intention and decision on accepting a house (Sengul, et al,2010;Opuku and Abdul-Muhmin, 2010), (El-Nachar, 2011; Haddad, et al, 2011; Sengul et al., 2010). Further it stated that shipping containers can be design and expand to modify to any size and shape Robinson (2017). Therefore literature review reviled that there is strong implication on living space design, size and shape of accepting container houses, living space the design, size and shape are the notable features that needs to be address on accepting the shipping containers houses in Sri Lankan context.

Implication on Social status

Individual or the internal factors, are the consumers psychological processes that affect consumer behaviour in obtaining, consuming and disposing of products and services. Individual influencing factors will includes consumer demographics, personality lifestyle, motivation, knowledge, intention, attitudes, beliefs and feelings (Blackwell, et al. 2006; Schiffman, et al. 2012).

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