Shining Mountain Essay

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Shining Mountain

The “Shining Mountain” is a story about a girl named Pangma-La. Her father named her this special name because he wanted to name her after a mountain. Her friends and classmates tease her a lot with the special name, but the worst for her is that those who attend her school, is more interested in her father than they are in her. That’s because her father is a famous mountaineer.

The father has very high expectations for his daughter, but Pangma-La does not feel that she can live up to these expectations. Therefore, she decides that she once and for all will make him proud, so she begins to train in climbing mountains. As Pangma-La has trained enough, the father and she decides that they will take to the Pangma-La Mountain and conquer the mountain by reaching the top. Over by the mountain as they just are about to begin climbing the meet a Sherpa man.

The man wants to carry their bags, but the father thanks no to that, because he did not believe that it is necessary because he and his daughter are strong enough to carry themselves. Pangma-La has many problems along the way to the top. An old Sherpa woman appears and offers her help to Pangma-La. Every day when the Sherpa woman comes she takes something from her. At the end the woman takes her heart and soul, and then the father realizes what his daughter has done, and he shows his real human feelings.

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