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Sheila Change during Essay

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” – Sheila was shocked about this, but this was a contrast to between her and the rest of her family; as her family felt no emotion not a surprised or shocked expression in the room. Sheila was so shocked and disgusted about what her mother did she ended up turning on her mother – “Mother, I think it was cruel and vile. ” This shows us what Sheila really feels about her mother and she uses strong words against her mother’s actions, but if we go back earlier Sheila would never turn on her own mother but because she wants everything to come out and she now see her mother for who she really is.

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When the inspector told Mrs Birling what she did was completely wrong and what if it happen to her, Sheila was shocked but Mr Birling mind wasn’t really on what Mrs Birling did but was on if the press get hold of the situation -“The Press might easily take it up-“this shows us that Mr Birling takes up his own self interest, this tells us that he is a selfish man, he doesn’t care about Eva but cares about the reputation of his family. In the beginning of Act 3 Eric comes in knowing that the family now knows of his drinking problem.

It was Sheila that told the family about Eric, this made Eric angry and he feels that Sheila betrayed him – “You little sneak. ” This shows us that Sheila was being open about everything not keeping anything a secret which means she is an honest person. It also showed the relationship between Eric and Sheila because this mean the must be very close as the Eric told Sheila his secret trusting Sheila. When Sheila told Eric that she kept the secret for months – “I could have told her months ago, not of course I didn’t.

” This shows that Sheila as protected Eric and shown loyalty to Eric by not telling their parents. Eric revealed how he came into contact with Eva Smith. Eva and Eric met in a bar and they had a few drinks but they got drunk and Eric insisted to stay with her for the night and that is when they slept with each other. They met again in the same bar and they talked with each other and they slept with each other again. Eric admitted that he wasn’t in love with her but he liked her. They met up again and she told Eric that she was pregnant.

Eva didn’t want to get married because she knew that Eric didn’t love her. He realised that Eva didn’t have a job so stole some money from small banks his father’s companies had and he gave it to Eva but when Eva discovered the money was stolen so she stopped collecting the money. Eva didn’t want to see Eric no more. Eric was wondering how come everyone knew that Eva was pregnant and he asked if Eva told them and Sheila said – “She told mother. ” This shows that Sheila is quick to let everything out in the open not letting anyone get away with anything.

Eric was furious at his mother telling her that she killed her own grand-child. Before the fight got out of hand the inspector told them all that they all had a part in killing Eva Smith. He told them not to forget it. Telling them what they did exactly and telling Sheila that she didn’t start the problem but Birling by not accepting her request. He told them how they all got to look after everyone else. After the speech the inspector leaves, leaving the family in disbelief. The family started again to have disagreements blaming it on each other. But they wonder if the inspector was a real inspector.

Sheila says it doesn’t matter who he was. The whole point of the inspector coming was to make the family think about their actions. We notice that Sheila’s character changes after the inspector leaves. She starts to talk back to her parents, she becomes angry at them – “(flaring up)… ” this shows us that she as started to stand up to her parents. Sheila tells her parents that they are being ‘Childish. ‘ This shows that she has turned the tables on her parents making them see it’s their fault as well as Eric’s and hers. Later Gerald had turned up at the Birling’s house.

Gerald told the Birling family that Inspector Goole doesn’t work for the police. This made the family puzzled. Gerald challenged the Birling family asking them is it the same they all saw which may not be true. They may not even know the same girl. The Birling family don’t even know if there is an incident today. Mr Birling looks at them triumphantly and puts the theory altogether. They all came up with a conclusion that it was all a hoax. Mr Birling says – “I’m convinced it is. No police inquiry. No one girl that all this happened to. No scandal”-Then Sheila says – … “No suicide?

” this tells us that Sheila is very thankful that there is no death or unborn life on her conscience but the rest of Sheila’s family still don’t care about Eva Smith, they only care that they is no public scandal. Mr Birling told Sheila that it was all over, Sheila says that everything did really happen but it didn’t end in a tragedy so lucky for them she also says -“But it might have done” This tells us that Sheila is still thinking of what may have happened if there was a girl that died and that they should just make it has a joke. But Mr Birling mocks the fact that a girl might have died and he starts to mimic the inspector’s last speech.

He tells Sheila to go to bed and she says “… It frightens me the way you talk. ” This shows that Sheila is now disagreeing with her family values; she thinks that her family hasn’t changed a bit since Inspector Goole was there. Sheila doesn’t want a repeat of what happen again, she wants her family to change for the better. Sheila confronts her parents on how they are behaving – “You’re pretending everything’s just as it was before. ” This is telling us that Sheila is quite upset that her family is pretending that everything is okay but her and Eric learnt their lessons.

Unlike the rest of the family Sheila is calm and level-headed. Gerald holds up the ring to Sheila. This is history repeating itself as earlier in the story Gerald gave Sheila a ring announcing their engagement but this time Sheila says – “No, not yet. It’s too soon. I must think. ” This tells us that she is not ready to step into her old role it also shows that she still doesn’t agree with her family value and she knows her as to think about her this time and know what she wants instead of her parents pushing her to marry Gerald someone rich and of high class.

So she turns Gerald down. In the beginning we portrayed Sheila as a very superficial person who was only knows the obvious. She is also a selfish and self-centred person like when she went to Milward only thinking about herself she got Eva Smith sacked from her she also said “I couldn’t be sorry for her. ” – She heard that she got sacked and she showed no care for other people but herself. She was also an immature, childish and naive person. Sheila was at the bottom of the family which meant she was to answer if she was spoken to.

She abused her status to get what she wanted like at Milward where she said she would persuade her mother to close the account they have with Milward unless they sack the girl. She is also a spoilt and inconsiderate person; she can get what she wants if she just uses the power that she has of an upper class citizen. We could see that she was very detached from reality; she didn’t know what was going on in the outside world where there were people from the lower class and working class. Sheila doesn’t really speak for herself – “… You talk as of we are responsible-” Then Birling says – “(cutting in) Just a minute Sheila …

” This shows that her father won’t really allow her to express her own point of view. As we come to the end of the story Sheila’s character changes dramatically as she finds out who else was responsible for Eva Smith’s suicidal death. Sheila is an independent and takes responsibilities of her actions – “I know. I had her turned out of a job. I started it. ” Sheila is willing to take part of the responsibilities of the death of Eva Smith. She is also a changed woman – “You and I aren’t the same people who sat down to dinner here” – this also shows that she know as well that she is a changed woman.

She is also very perceptive and inquisitive she is knows what her mother had done before her mother admitted and she is very inquisitive saying to the inspector – “I don’t understand about you. ” Sheila now also listens to her conscience knowing when Eva was said not to be true she had no death on her conscience but she still felt that the story was really and that there was an Eva Smith. She is an honest deep thinker who thinks about the consequences of her actions on the day of Milward and how that led on to other unfortunate events.

Sheila is not anymore as heartless as the others but she is sensitive she doesn’t listen to the rest of her family when they say that the inspector was hoax and when they said that there was no suicide – “You’re pretending like everything’s just as it was before. ” The rest of Sheila’s family act like the inspector coming was a dream but Sheila isn’t. Sheila is critical of family values she doesn’t believe that the family can use their position in a manner that is not useful to other people around them. Finally, she is unwilling to revert to her pervious self; Sheila says to her family – “… You’re ready to go on in the same old way.

” And Mr Birling says – “(Amused) and you’re not, eh? ” Sheila says – “No, because I remember what he said, how he looked and what he made me feel. ” This is saying that she as learnt a lot from the inspector and she is never going to return to her old self. Sheila even rejects the ring offered back by Gerald because she knows that she is not ready yet and she needs to think. .

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