She Worked Very Hard Essay

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She Worked Very Hard

If you want to get things done you should work hard even under difficult conditions. For example if you want to be a doctor, you should work hard at school. Jennifer and her husband, Mike lived with their two children. Mike was the bread winner, one day when Mike was going back home from work, he had a head-on car collusion, he died on the spot. After this, life became difficult for Jennifer and her children, Cathrine and Luke.

The two children, Luke and Cathrine were not able to go to school because their mother had no money. She decided to seek help from welfare organisations but a little was forth coming in the form of help. After a while a woman from the Red Cross Organisation who was looking for volunteers to work under the Red Cross in rural clinics visited Jennifer’s district. Jennifer opted for that because it was better than sitting at home doing nothing. At least now she was occupied.

She worked very hard making deliveries around different places in the rural areas. After about two months, she was offered a place to stay at one of the rural clinics. She started staying there with her two children at the clinic. Voluntarily, she continued working very hard. Soon a year passed and the Red Cross recognised Jennifer’s great contribution and they looked for a job for her at one of the clinics. She was so happy that she was now formerly employed.

After a month of working she got her first salary and used it to send her two children to school. Cathrine and Luke were as happy as any children could be on their first day at school. After three months of working, Jennifer decided to rent a three roomed house. Years later, she looked back with a smile realising that she had worked very hard. A bad beginning makes a good ending. You might start poor but end up rich. At first Cathrine and Luke did not go to school but in the end they all went to school.

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