SHC 31: promote communication in health, social care or children and young peopl's settings.

Building a positive relationship with colleagues and children is important in the workplace, it helps you and others feel comfortable with their interactions. You will feel happier and supported and supportive towards others. SHARING IDEAS AND THOUGHTS

Sharing ideas and thoughts with others in the team keeps everybody on the same plan of action throughout the day; it is also a fun way to interact with children to ask their ideas and what they think about e.g. books, pictures, the weather and anything else of interest at that present time.


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Expressing your needs and feelings is it prevents everybody being confused and helps you and others to understand about any difficult or misunderstood situations. It is also vital to understand children’s needs and feelings so they feel happy, safe and secure. KNOWING YOUR ROLE IN WORKPLACE

It is important to know your role in the workplace because others will know what you are doing throughout the day; people will have other roles to do so all can run smoothly.

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Creating bonds with colleagues helps everybody trust and believe in each other, creating a positive connection. TO SET UP A ROUTINE
Children fear the unknown and creating routines are a good way of helping children feel safe, comfortable and at ease with school friends and teachers, because routines gives them a sense of security. The nursery will run efficiently on a system of routines.

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Communicating and interacting with others builds your confidence, helping you
overcome any insecurity’s, e.g. if you lack in confidence about reading to a group of children you would start with one child and gradually to a small group of children, reading aloud in private or if you have your own children you could pretend it’s your own children your reading to. TO MEET INDIVIDUAL NEEDS

We need to monitor children on a daily bases, by observing them, recording observations of their interest and using them to plan children’s next steps to suit their individual needs and education plans. TO WORK EFFECTIVLY IN A TEAM

It is important to work well in a team as it enables individuals to focus on one main objective; it also gives all involved to contribute their own ideas which give everyone a sense of belonging. TO SHOW INTEREST

It is vital to listen to children when they are speaking to you, keep eye contact with the child until they have finished and have a answer for them to help them understand why, what and where in answer to their question. LISTENING IS A (TWO WAY PROCESS)

Listening to a child and a child listening to the adult is important because it reduces confusion. A child listening to a person does not always mean they are hearing. Reading aloud to children helps improve their listening skills and more importantly their hearing skills. A child loves you to listen to them, it make them feel self worth when their thoughts are important to you.

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