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Shawshank Redemption Essay

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In the movie the Shawshank Redemption Andy, Brooke, Red, the warden, and some of the guards with institutionalization when they are finally release from prison. . Also how the character act differently when in prison and not in prison They tend to want to ether commit another crime or end up suicide themselves. The prison life changes you and trying to adjust back into society is hard to do. When you get into a daily routine for years long it’s hard to change and adjust to changes in your life.

When old man Brooke Hadlin was put up for parole after being in prison for more 40 years he had trouble to adjusting back to normal life.

He had become so reliant on the schedule of being told when to eat and sleep. He was overwhelmed by the changes that happen when he was in prison. When he found out he was going to be released he took an inmate hostage and threatened to cut his friend.

He had a knife to the guy’s throat. Andy a good friend that he is talked Brooke out of it and made him see it just that Brooke is scared of moving on. He was put into a halfway house right after getting released from prison. Also he was able to get a job as a bagger in a grocery store. He loved his old job back in prison as the librarian.

The new bagger sucked he couldn’t keep up with the pace. He was just too old and worn down for that job. He missed the daily routine of prison life. He was tempted to commit another crime in order to get back in the prison but, he said he was too old. He just couldn’t adjust back to regular life so he took a knife and carved his name on the ceiling saying Brooke was here. Then he hung himself and he wished he died in prison instead of the half-way house. Andy didn’t let himself become to institutionalized he kept his hope about one day being released.

He did little stuff that kept him from losing his mind to the endless routine of prison life. One thing was he offered to help one of the guards with his legal issues in order for the guard the keep the full 35,000 dollars he was getting. Andy did that to get in touch with job outside of prison as a banker for a big company. For the sort time he was helping the guard he felt like the prison life wasn’t there. After that he kept writing a letter to the government asking for more money for books and album for the library since it is very outdated. Andy also helped teach and tutor inmates so they could get there GEDs.

He kept taking on projects that took his mind off prison life. It allowed him not to succumb to institutionalism unlike the other prisoners. The warden notices his banking and legal work skills and made him do the daily tax and book work for the prison. Andy felt like he wasn’t back in prison but just another day working as a banker. He also assisted the guards with their tax returns each year. Andy also turned not a crook and used loopholes to make the warden thousands of extra dollars. He did that work under a fake ails so the dirty money couldn’t be traced back to him or the Warden.

Andy began to feel institutionalized when he was put in hole for over 3 months by the Warden. Also he was raped and beat up multiple times by a group of inmates. It broke his will. When he started helping the guards they repaid him by beating the rapist and putting him in a wheel chair for life. After being in the hole for over 3 months he had enough. He wasn’t going to let the prison break him and institutionalize him. He made a plan to escape from prison and take the money he’s been making for warden and take on the new identity he made.

During one night he made his escape. He later went to the bank under his new identity and withdrew all the dirty money he has been making for the Warden. When Andy went to prison he was a innecont man but he turned into a criminal while in prison. He bribed inmates and gaurds to do him favors. One favor was to have the guy that raped him suggestively put in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. As Andy did money laundering and used his banking knowledge inorder to find tax loopholes and make the Warden a lot of money. The guards became institutionalized themselves.

When they were working in the prison the abided by a different set of rules then being out side of the prison. They could get away with almost anything. On the first night Andy had in prison he witnessed the guards beat one of the new inmates to death just because the inmate would stop crying. The guards were allowed to hit and beat inmates and even murder them without suffering the consequences for their actions. When the Warden told the head guard to shoot a new inmate because the inmate had proof that Andy was innocent he shot him in the back of the head without any remorse.

They do not get penalized for the crimes the commit. Red became much institutionalized over the 40 years he spent in prison. On one conversation he had with Andy mentioning you have to have hoped that one day you’ll leave here. He told Andy that hope is dead and don’t go self-believing that one day you’ll leave. Red said “the prison life is now your life to live in”. The multiple times Red was interviewed for parole he would be asked the same question have you learned from your mistakes and are you a changed man. Red would always answer yes. The board would always respond by denying his chance of parole.

That made him believes that he was never going to able to leave this prison. He was going to die in the prison. After 40 years of life in prison Red was once again up for an interview for parole. The board once again asked him if he is a changed man and he respond differently this time. He thought why not every other time they rejected him over and over again. He responded saying He admits that not a day goes by that he regrets. And how a young stupid kid who committed a crime wishing he could talk to that kid and talk him out it. To his surprise the board approves for a release.

After being released he had a hard time adjusting to life out of prison. He was put in the same room that Brooke Hadlin killed him in at the halfway house. He was also giving the same job Brooke had. He was so accustoming to having to ask to use the restroom that he couldn’t go unless he asked permission to. The grocery boss didn’t understand why he always asked to use the restroom. Red considered braking in parole and heading back to prison life and also considered shooting himself and committing suicide when walking by a pawn store with a revolver in the window, but he was too old and had to keep a promise he made to Andy.

The Warden also was institutionalized and being head of the prison allowed him to do a lot illegal activities and not suffer any consequences. One change prison influenced him was that he was able to order beating or sever punishments to inmates even if they are innocent. One inmate that had proof that Andy was innocent When he told the Warden the truth about it the Warden had a guard shoot him in the back of the head. The Warden couldn’t lose Andy because he did all the book work and money laundering.

Another example of how prison changed him was when he allowed prisoner to work outside the prison. He would contract them out to do manual labor without paying them and offering to do cheaper the other contractors. He would also take bribes from people to get the workers to do cheap labor. He also kept the prison in poor condition and fed the inmates rotten maggot infested meals. The Warden made Andy does the taxes and book worked also as a money launder, in order to make the Warden and prison a lot of money.

When people become so set on the routine and being told instructions every day they have a hard time adjusting back into regular life. The daily routine he when through due to institutionalism in prison made him give up on trying adjusting to life outside of prison. Also the changes in the Warden, Red’s , and the guard’s character and morales are changed when in the prison life. They are in a set routine that they followed for a long time and its hard to change it and adjust to life outside of prison. Brooke and Red both suffered about adjusting to life outside of prison it self.

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