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Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont Essay

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“Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane” Red Directed by Frank Darabont, ‘the Shawshank Redemption’ tells the story of a wrongly convicted murderer who faces two life sentences for the death of his wife and her lover. Despite losing his freedom and sometimes dignity he never lost hope. There are many targets which can be made to help assist with the production of a trailer next year. These vary from the research and planning to the practical side of the creation of the trailer.

I have learnt a lot new skills which will be revisited next year. The timing of the filming is a main section we would need to focus on, this is because we struggled to find the time and motivation to go outside and film due to different commitments each of us encountered. This soon led to problems with the locations we had planned to film in because the weather was changing increasingly quickly which meant there was no form of continuation so the scenes were looking different.

In the end we had to try and fit all the filming into a 1 week time bracket due to re-filming scenes. This proved difficult however we managed to complete it. Another area we would try to improve in would be the use of lighting, this is because we did not take into consideration the affect lighting has on the way a film is perceived by the audience.

The lighting differs from when our antagonist enters the home and when the protagonist comes home, even though this could be seen as a logical idea, the gap between the two characters entering was too small to have a large difference in lighting. The lighting in the house should have also been adjusted to make the protagonist seem more vulnerable than how she was originally portrayed. In our next film-making we aim to use a variety of different locations which would seem a lot more challenging. Due to the difference in criteria for next year, it has hard to predict what will have to change, because making a trailer is completely different to making the opening two minutes of a film. This is because a trailer contains a lot more condensed information which would have to involve a lot more locations. The problems we encountered from making the opening two minutes to Intrusion was due to ourselves over complicating the plot, this ultimately led to a continual change of plot to try and make the production simpler. In order to be successful next year, we will need to make sure we start planning ahead too allow time for any errors. This means that if a scene needs to be re-filmed then it can be, within a substantial time period.

Another area we would aim to improve in would be the use of technology and to make sure that we understand how to work the technology before filming. Throughout the production of our opening two minutes we found it difficult to put the camera on the correct setting to allow the picture to be of a higher quality, this also had an affect on the lighting. Overall, I really enjoyed this project because it has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable, despite all the setbacks. From the lower quality filming of the preliminary task to the intensity of the opening two minutes, I have learnt a lot of new skills, which I hope to use in future creations.

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