Sharks Hug with Their Mouths Essay

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Sharks Hug with Their Mouths

When you hear the word “shark” what comes to mind? Razor sharp teeth, soulless eyes, and crushing jaws create a horrifying image. Hollywood movies and over exaggerated media stories have created a sense of fear towards sharks and led people to believe that sharks could hunt humans or attack you if stepped foot into the ocean. In these movies, the sharks are portrayed as man-eaters and monsters but, in reality it’s a totally different story. So, why do sharks kill humans?

It is simple why sharks attack humans, we look like food. You know the story, surfers and scuba divers resemble seals, and tire floats look like sea turtles. So what exactly happens when you are mistaken for prey? Sharks are curious creatures and constantly on the hunt for their next meal. Investigating a possible meal can mistakenly turn into a human attack.

Take into consideration sharks don’t have any fingers to feel you with, so they can only use their teeth. That bite is what biologists call a “curiosity bite”. This is why so many shark attack victims aren’t savagely devoured but, only walk away with a large laceration, depending on the species. Less than 10% of the individuals die when the shark involved could easily kill them. Instead they leave the human after they realize it isn’t a prey item. This shows a great deal of intelligence on the part of these creatures. A large percentage of the ones who are killed, also aren’t eaten or ripped into pieces. Perhaps a “curiosity bite” hit a major artery and the victim bled out too quickly.

How many shark attacks are there in a year? There are very few shark attacks, less than 100 each year. On the other hand, humans kill around 100 MILLION sharks each year, whether it be shark nets at beaches, to food in other countries, or even recreational sport. Although there are organizations that protest and fight for the sharks, they cannot gain enough supporters to stop the slaughters. The reason for this is the stereotype that they are man-eaters. People believe this and are too afraid of them to appreciate or see their beauty.

The important thing to remember is we are invading their territory. The ocean belongs to them. Can you blame them for the attacks? Sharks are unaware of what we are…prey or predator. They can’t be sure because it seems to go back and forth. The sharks accidently kill a human and the humans purposely murder a million sharks. Can we change our perspective? Can we stop discriminating against living things that we barely understand? You decide.

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