Shareholder Essay Topics

Companies Act 1985

Section 459(1) of the Companies Act 1985 was designed to prevent the majority shareholders’ unfairly asserting their will on the minority shareholders. The common law principles protecting majority rule in UK law is to some extent designed to minimize abuse of the application of Section 459(1) of the 1985. Its sole purpose is to regulate… View Article

Share Holder Value

Public and private companies are under a great deal of pressure to create and sustain shareholder value by increasing both returns on capital and growth rates and company’s stock price or equity value. Share holders would like to associate with a firm whose stock prices are not depressed. Who is a Shareholder? A share holder… View Article

Enhancing shareholder value

A shareholder of a company owns at least one share of a company. In other words, he or she is an owner of that company. A company has many assets, tangible or intangible and the shareholder has invested in those assets or has paid the money with which those assets have been bought. There has… View Article

Shareholder and stakeholder

Over the last decade, with the rapid development of business management, the Shareholders who are the effective owners of the company invest money into the business and want as much profit as possible as a return for their investment. Shareholders will engage manager to help them to run the business and make various decisions in… View Article