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Shame Is Worth a Try Book Review

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Review, Pages 2 (336 words)



Review, Pages 2 (336 words)

In the beginning of “Shame Is Worth a Try” written by Dan M. Kahan, he started by “Is shame an appropriate punishment for criminals?” to point out shaming the public is better than sending useless harmful persons to jail. Kahan explains there are different shaming punishments and the way you perform these punishments. He argues, “Shame is an effective, cheap, and humane alternative to imprisonment.” The courts should choices shaming for a criminal punishment rather than imprisonment for smaller crimes. Kahan has given different example of different states and how it works; “Indeed, preliminary reports suggest that certain shaming punishments, including those directed at deadbeat dads, are extraordinary effective.

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” He also mention the opposite point saying that shaming penalties can be abused. He explains that some shaming punishment such as public floggings may make punishment more expensive for society and destructive for the offender. However, shaming punishment is cheap and effective; we should give it a try.


By reading “Shame is worth a try’’, I have to agree that something by being shame, may be a better punishment than sending people to jail.

The example of a mother had to write a newspaper article when she was caught buying marijuana with her children in the car. For me, this punishment is effective. Even though they seem not making any sense, but they are cheaper than sending them to jail. Also, By being shame, it make them embarrassment and the person has pay for what they did. But be honest, some of the punishments are quite ridiculous.

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I admit that shaming punishment sounds fair, and it was cheap and effective. However, in many cases the crime is not worth this punishment. Also, it is easy to be abused. For example; people, who have been charged with a DUI, have a bumper sticker that tells other they have driven drunk, didn’t mean anything. They may not feel sorry or avoid not doing it again. Their crimes maybe small and simple but they are a bit shameful and ridiculous.

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