Сhallenges Тurses Nursing Students Face Whilst Learning

This essay will be talking about the many challenges that nurse faced whilst studying, also addressing some learning weaknesses, strengths and evaluate two theories.

Getting into university for a professional program marks a beginning, fulfilling a career goal. Nurse education a mix of classroom learning and learning experiences that help students gain knowledge or skills. However, nurse education is challenging. This could be financial, placement , psychological issues, time management, culture / ethnicity to mention but a few.


As a student finding suitable clinical placements, meeting the demand is one of the biggest challenges.

Sometimes, when they finally got placement, mostly If they are unlucky enough to get someone who does not like them, it does not always end well for them to get quality clinical training experience. In most cases, their mentors are not always there to support and coordinate them. Such makes student to lack confidence or get confused.


Psychological stress this can lead students to become helpless during clinical setting causing them to experience anxiety or depression in life.

To overcome this, the students need direction to focus on reaching desires goal. Most students are distressed handling new experiences like clinical setting which can cause emotional breakdown such can have an impact on their learning process. Preparing or reading for test or exams are another area where they found very stressful.

Financial Issues

It is very difficult for students to hold down part time employment as well as studying due to the flexibility of the course. Most students encounter financial difficulties, they spend a lot of money on textbooks, food, accommodation, tuition, social life and IT.

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This can have a huge financial implications which can turn to cause big problem in personal life. Most students do get grants to pay their tuition and maintenance which often is not enough as students must attend lectures, clinical placement setting using their own personal money. This affects them not to afford good healthy meals.

Culture / Ethnicity

Student nurses are learning new skills or more knowledgeable and culturally competent or skilled to work with people from diverse cultures(Leininger,1994). However, working with a staff and caring for patients who comes from another background, different language or culture. To be able to communicate with them to provide effectively deliver health care services. It will take some time to understand other people’s cultural differences. To do such the student must at least know how to connect by observing their body language to know what they are trying to describe but at times, you might find it difficult to get message. Get a member of staff who speaks their language to help. It is essential in our everyday lives.

Time Management

Nursing education is time consuming. Students require to put much effort, with classwork, assignments and placement there is hardly no enough time to do other things. Many students have more responsibilities or assignments. Therefore, for them to succeed in their chosen career pathway, they must manage their time well.

Personal Learning Strengths and Weaknesses

One of my strengths which is problem – solving, organising and planning, good interpersonal skills, open to new ideas is one of my strengths which is an incredibly great way to adjust to new circumstances. Adjustment is a process of adapting to something new or learning new things. I have a good interpersonal skills such as various communication forms like listening, questioning and understanding body language which I use to help me learn, gain knowledge and understanding. Also, good interpersonal communication skills which will help me build on leadership skills. Another strength is a quick decision making ability. This will help me to act fast when it comes to life and death situation.

Procrastination is one of my weaknesses which can affect my learning. As a nursing student, I need to be able to prompt to lectures, practical placements and submission of assignments. Sometimes, I leave things to the last minute before I act or get it done late which can affect my studies.

Managing my time is one of my weaknesses. This is the weakness that I found hard to deal with, there is not always enough time for everything. As a student, is vital I balance with my studies and my personal life. Keeping in mind I need both, otherwise its will definitely affect my studies. Therefore, to maintain a balance, I have to manage my time perfectly.

Another of my weakness is being systematic on a group projects.

All the above mentioned weaknesses can have a negative impact on my studies.

Kolb’s and Gibb’s learning theories is the identification of my learning weaknesses. kolb’s theories comprises of four learning ways within a learning (Kolb, 1984) and once you go through it, learning is done. I can say in my past experience with a presentation I did, I began revising and doing a mock presentation with my family and at the end, we discussed what I did well and what needed improvement, the feedback really helped me gain confidence. It presents a framework for checking experiences, and allowing learners to learn by past mistakes.

Connecting my strengths, weaknesses to theories of learning which according to (Schunk 1991) acquire and fear. Behaviourism explained of In simple, learning by way is changing behaviour and then responding to stimuli which can help me to overcome my time-keeping and procrastination weakness by changing my attitude of waiting till the last minute and starting early on my assignments. By communicating well with lecturers and other students in group activities, being an active participant. (Vygotsky, 1987).


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