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Essay on Shakespeare Tragedies

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The Gulling Scene of Benedict

In conclusion, it is debatable the key element in generating the comedy in the gulling scene however it is clearly evident that the use of over-exaggerated language, is vital. From, this scene we can now see that Benedict does not know his women as he says he does and his stupidity alongside his idiocy, helps benefits the comedy at hand. Furthermore, the influence that Don Pedro, Leonato and Claud...

Shakespeare’s Friar Laurence and The Nurse

The Nurse is the only guest at Romeo and Juliet’s wedding and it is Friar Laurence who marries them. Each of these characters, therefore, has a central role in the play. It is Friar Laurence who gives Juliet the sleeping draught to be used to convince her famnily that she is dead. His letter to Romeo goes missing and this is key to Romeo’s suicide when he too believes that Juliet has taken her...

Reflection on Mark Antony Speech Presentation

While comparing the two speeches, I have observed Antony’s speech was more persuasive. He made points to contrast what Brutus said in his speech about Caesar. He says that Brutus was wrong, and he put a new spin on it. For instance, Brutus says “Had you rather Caesar was living and die all slaves…” which was countered by Antony saying that Caesar felt deeply for his people and that he was...

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Character Traits of Lord Capulet

Throughout the play Capulet shows a range of emotions, but at all times he seems to be honest in what he says and does, not pretending something he does not feel. He is welcoming towards his guests, including Benvolio and Romeo, berates Tybalt, is friendly towards Paris and angry towards Juliet when she appears not to appreciate his match-making efforts. He is obviously not accustomed to, or willi...

"The Merchant of Venice" as a Tragicomedy

These trumpeting are signs that the people of Belmont observe rituals or ceremony. In Venice, ceremony runs into difficulties. Gratiano regrets that "we have not made good preparation' for the masque at Bassanio's house. Solanio agrees "'Tis vile unless it may be quaintly ordered/And better in my mind not undertook". The ill fated masque is eventually cancelled when the inconstant wind unceremonio...

Comparison of King Richard III and Looking for Richard

The analysis of "King Richard III" by Shakespeare and "Looking for Richard" by Al Pacino extends our understanding of the values and contexts of the texts and the attributes they share. Shakespeare's Elizabethan audience valued religion and God's restoration of rigid order as Pacino's twentieth century audience have no decisive spiritual references and live in a world where independence is placed ...

First Poem for You

In this case, the lightening symbolizes power of love that has a pulse, just like a person’s heartbeat; a beat that can go faster or slower depending on the situation. It is instinctive for the woman to know where every tattoo on the guy, just like in a relationship, a person may know every mark or scar on the other’s body. The woman knows that just above his shoulder are the blue swirls of wa...

The Winter's Tale Play Review

This idea relates to the play’s main theme of that pride and greed lead can lead to one’s downfall. The thematic importance is revealed to the reader by his mistakes and by plot twists. Leontes functions within the structure of the plot as the antagonist, being the one who causes the most trouble. The plot seems to revolve around him and his decision specifically, as well as the many people af...

Uncontrollable Jealousy

Many of the readers have had real life situations of jealousy which allows them to relate to the text more often. This will hook them onto the text much more. That is why the theme of jealousy is such a successful theme to write about. Jealousy can be used in so many different ways and can still be as effective. Jealousy is a strong theme and is capable of creating an effective plot if used corre...

Dramatic Purpose

Ultimately, Taylor Lautner would make the best Mercutio. His personality and ability will allow him to mimic and perform the part of Mercutio that I have pictured in my movie. Casting: Role of Montague – Robert De Niro or John Travolta The two actors best suited to play the role of Montague are Robert De Niro and John Travolta. Robert De Niro physical features give him the “look” of Montague...

The Merchant of Venice Shylock

Secondly, when Shylock was in court and the proceedings did not go his way he began to get angry. Lastly when Shylock became enraged because his possessions were stolen by his daughter, instead of trying to see the real reason why his daughter did what she did. So in the end there are many ways to prove Shylock a bad person. Whether it be that he is full of greed or just out to get revenge, Shyloc...

Sonnet 116: True Love

Love’s worth yet still unknown. A mystery in life which cannot be explained through words but could be understand through the feelings and affections shown. If true love isn’t true, then I want to stand by the name of Shakespeare to prove that true love exists! For what I’ve learned, as I define the meaning of love; Love is friendship. Love is patient. Love is enjoyment. Love is trust. Love ...

Properties of Friendship in The Merchant of Venice

In the “Merchant” it could be argued that the friendship between Bassanio and Antonio was not platonic in nature and the friendship between Joseph and Tom, with Tom being at least 30 years his senior, was also not platonic on Tom’s part. But it is the authors purpose and intended audience that are key to understand their portrayal of a noble friendship. Shakespeare was writing for an audienc...

Ophelia's Descent Into Madness

The obvious becomes just that when the aim of the author is discerned through the symbolic congruencies and events which precisely outlined the tragic decline of Ophelia's character. The author provides a vast amount of foreshadowing in the early acts. The tragic hero then drags her into the same hell that is his personal realm. He accomplishes this by eliminating everything that had sustained her...

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty

The power of positive thinking will change your perspective and feelings. From a cognitive perspective, you can create happiness by decreasing your negative thoughts and increasing your positive optimistic thoughts and views and reducing stress to live a healthy and positive life. When analyzing the question “is your glass half full or empty? ” is hinting at how you view life in general either...

10 Things and Taming of the Shrew Comparison

In comparison to The Shrew, Katherina reluctantly decides to obey the bidding of her husband, Pertruchio. It was considered “normal” for this particular time and culture to follow the words of a man and have no opinion. Taming of the Shrew and 10 Things I Hate about You hold insight of the revolution of time and how all texts reflect the time and culture they were written in. This is depicted ...

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In this case the love potion would be symbolic of causing the Athenian’s love with one another. The distinction between dream and reality is greatly questioned throughout the play. Shakespeare makes it clear that these characters have very different meanings and can be viewed in diverse ways. Throughout Acts 2 and 3 it is clear the woods represent a place of magic and mischief. Oppose to Athens,...

Tragedy as Literary Genre

His actions through out the play are the results of deep internal struggles revealed through his soliloquies. Although it veers from Aristotle’s definition of tragedy as to be plot-driven, Hamlet’s troubled emotions and hesitations expressed in Shakespeare’s exquisite language effectively make the audience identify with the character thus eliciting the cathartic effect that is a primary ingr...

At I essentially am not in madness

The most influential aspect of the play that has lead to this personal response is the contrast between Hamlet and Ophelia's madness. Throughout the play he maintains a high level of thought and emotional complexity and responds to all the actions of those around him, which would suggest that he is not in a world of his own created by insanity. Instead he is continually able to refute allegations ...

Compare the two soliloquies of Act 2 scene 2

In conclusion Hamlet in the first soliloquy was emotionally unstable. Shakespeare has portrayed him like this to make the audience feel sorrow towards him. But towards the end of the speech he gets an idea after expressing his feelings aloud clearing his head, which allowed him to think straight. In the second soliloquy Hamlet's state of mind is still a bit unstable because although he has express...

'I shall obey, my lord'

A modern audience to Hamlet will have little idea of the controversy that raged in the Elizabethan period, this is mainly due to the lack of religious zeal among modern society although it is quite interesting to see how important a responsibility religion had in the play, however to the Elizabethan audience the play would have taken on a different and deeper meaning as the repeated religious refe...

Antony and Cleopatra

This short dialogue, containing some quite harsh-sounding phrases for people are that are meant to be friends, shows that there might be a small rift growing between these two men, in addition to the disagreements between Antony and Caesar. Lepidus asking for information about what is going on, from Caesar shows that there might be an issue of a lack of trust developing, whilst Caesar's rebuttal o...

Dear Diary

I made a promise to him that I would become his wife, I didn't care about my family, all I wanted was my dear Romeo, he made me happy and says the most beautiful things to me, unlike the unworthy Paris. I heard the nurse calling, I hurried Romeo out as I didn't want anyone to find him here, we rushed to say good bye, I found it so hard, again it was like when we first meet I never wanted to let hi...

Comparing Palys The Crucible and Macbeth

The performance style for 'Macbeth' is partly classical. Macbeth is a war hero yet suddenly loves having powers. Facial expressions and body movement were very important. Elizabethian theatre did not have any dramatic lighting or sound effects. Therefore much of the acting and events are exaggerated. However, 'The Crucible' performance style is classical. As the genre is mellow drama, the acting ...

Is Iago The Perfect Villain?

The soliloquies also help Iago gain, and lose empathy. Shakespeare uses them as a tool, an instrument in engaging the audience. First the audience feel sorry for Iago, before Shakespeare turns the story on it's head and makes Iago utterly evil once more. This all contributes to making Iago the perfect villain; he is unreadable and unpredictable, unlike other Shakespearean characters that remain th...

Romeo and Juliet Study Questions

At first Juliet thinks that Romeo has been killed because the nurse is talking about the death of someone but does not tell her the person's name. She is worried about him. When she finds out that Tybalt has been killed by Romeo, she states, "O serpent heart hid within a flowering face." She thinks that Romeo was truly "fake" and was only a wolf in ...

Hasty Desicion in Shakespeare's Tragedy Romeo And Juliet

Married without telling either of their parents knowing that they hate each other, Romeo killing juliet's cousin Tybalt and almost getting himself killed, and Romeo and Juliet drinking a position to kill their self and that killed Romeo and they never said if it killed Juliet. But i think it did in my own opinion. That is my way of them trying to show their hasty decision. I wonder what would happ...

Three of Shakespeare Tragedies

Iago tells this to Roderigo, showing that he intends to betray Othello, by pretending to be his friend and then corrupting and betraying him. As the play progresses, lagds intentions are less driven by reason, and more driven by revenge, and blind lustful impulses,(5. 3. 246). Othello shall fall between us... Iago says this to Roderigo, when he says it is evident that at this point Iagds character...

Character Traits of Queen Gertrude

Overall it appears to the audience throughout the play that Gertrude commits several crimes that are adding to the corruption of the state of Denmark. However as the plot unfolds and Claudius' grip over her becomes more obvious it seems possible that she is just a pawn who is being manipulated into a "joint empress in this warlike state" suggesting that Claudius' needs her by his side in order to ...

Batter His Skull, or Paunch Him With a Stake

Caliban we already know to be violent in his choice of words "batter his skull, or paunch him with a stake" but what of the other characters? In plotting to kill his own brother Sebastian is shown to be just as malicious, so too Antonio even if their speech contains some wit, "and look how well my garments sit upon me". By this, Antonio is not referring to the clothes he is wearing but to his situ...

"The Tempest" by W.Shakespear

In Act 1 Scene 2, the impressions we get from him are quite negative. He is sown to be a ruthless, manipulative, evil and tyrannical character. But the impressions we get of him from Act 5 Scene 1 are completely the opposite; they are quite positive. He is portrayed as compassionate, caring, merciful and forgiving character that is willing to reconcile with the people that betrayed so awfully. The...

The Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

In conclusion I would like to say that although Shakespeare discusses a variety of themes, devious plotting and dangerous scheming in the play, he ends it all on a happy note where everything is back in its rightful place. Ferdinand and Miranda as the King and Queen of Naples, Propsero back as the Duke of Milan, Ariel finally free, and Caliban Stephano and Trinculo left alone on the island serving...

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