Shakespeare authorship research report Essay

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Shakespeare authorship research report

William Shakespeare one of the greatest to ever write is still questioned for his authenticity of his works. Shakespeare was believed to be born on April 26, 1564 (the date he was also baptized) and died on April 23, 1616 (death remains a mystery). Shakespeare was born in Stratford- upon – Avon, the son of a Glover maker and a daughter of a affluent landowning farmer. William attended a grammar school named Kings new kings school located in Stratford – Upon – Avon, he attended it from the age of 7 till the age of 14 (never confirmed that he went).

He would then go on to write some of the greatest works of all time or did he? , some people believe that William did not write his works they believe that someone else did and he got credit for it. Personally I think that Shakespeare wrote all of his works because there is no really solid evidence that someone else wrote works for him. Why is there a debate? Because there are many plot holes in Shakespeare’s life. for example there is no real evidence that Shakespeare ever went to school no records or anything it was thought that he would have went to that school.

Another reasoning is that the background that William came from would never support the idea that he would go on to become one of the greatest writer of all time, his father was a glover maker and his mother was a daughter of a farm land owner. To some this might not seem like a background one of the greatest writer would come from. Another piece of evidence that shown Shakespeare couldn’t write is the fact that he could not even write his own name correctly.

In the few surviving handwritten signatures of Shakespeare name it is shown that his name was spelled incorrectly and very sloppily. As shown in the picture the name is spelt incorrectly in every signature and looks very poorly written. I don’t get how a writer so great as Shakespeare can’t even spell his own name right. One likely candidate that is suggested to have written Shakespeare’s works is Francis Bacon. The reason Francis is a candidate is because he had a complete education so he was very smart; he was supposedly a child prodigy and was a lawyer of aristocratic birth.

The one thing that they both had is similar writing styles both Bacon and William both had writing style, textual analysis, and autobiographical similarities. Bacon was an expert on law in which Shakespeare had many legal references in his writing which show more similarities between the two. Bacon was also very smart and was capable to write what Shakespeare had written. A second candidate for authorship of Shakespeare’s play would be Edward de Vere. Edward was a nobleman, poet, and champion jouster.

Edward received excellent education before he went on to serve the House of Lords. He spent most of his life as a regular fixture in the Queen’s court but he also labeled himself as a patron of the theater and a lyrical poet. One more Reasoning is that Edward might have written the plays is that no works of his ever survived or found which made him a good candidate as a ghostwriter for Shakespeare. Edward was also praised for his great poetry and plays, but during his time he was part of the theater scene in London which also Shakespeare was too.

Edward also traveled a lot which made him able to write about nobility and royalty which were depicted in plays that Shakespeare wrote. It was also shown that they have also studied Edward’s biography closely and found many parallels between his life in court and characters and events in Shakespeare’s writings. Last is that de Vere’s family that financed the publication of the first folio of Shakespeare’s writing in 1623, which might mean that they were financing Edwards writing secretly?

In conclusion I feel like William wrote all of his plays there isn’t enough evidence that supports that others might have written for him. There is many good pieces of evidence but the pieces of evidence don’t fully state that William did not write his plays noir did someone write them for him. So I think that William indeed write his plays and poems and all the debating should end. Works Cited http://www. toptenz. net/top-10-possible-authors-for-the-works-of-shakespeare. php http://internetshakespeare. uvic. ca/Library/SLT/life/childhood/family. html#edmund http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shakespeare_authorship_question.

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