Shakespeare and Austen present Essay

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Shakespeare and Austen present

Exploration of the ways that Shakespeare and Austen present us with – different aspects of love or – the theme of love looking at similarities and differences in the two texts and bearing in mind the different times they were written in. In this essay, I am going to look two texts, Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ and Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice. ‘ The theme I am fascinated to write about is love and this is very significant in both books. In ‘A Midsummer’s Night dream’, love is displayed in a more light-hearted way and not absolutely serious, yet, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is introduced more meaningful and formal.

I will additionally investigate the first impressions of both books. ‘Pride and Prejudice’s’ first title was ‘First Impressions’. I will not only be investigating how the characters’ first impressions effect one another but moreover the first impression of the reader and how they are affected by passion. Pride and Prejudice and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are, as a matter of first importance, two texts about getting through difficulties and accomplishing emotional fulfilment and those problems.

In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth, the courageous person, and Darcy, her resulting husband, the main difficulty lies in the book’s first title: First Impressions. Darcy, the proud, noble nephew, should break from his initial thought of Elizabeth as “not handsome enough to tempt me’ and from his prejudice in opposition to her lack of money and the way her family live. Elizabeth’s first impressions, however, shows Darcy as arrogant and vain; as an outcome, she later receives offensive accusations in disapproval to him as right.

The marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth uncovers the qualities that create a successful marriage. One of these qualities is that the feeling cannot be carried on by look, and should continuously improve as individuals as they get to know each other. At first, Elizabeth and Darcy were far off from one another because of how prejudice they were towards one another. The succession of occasions and bumping into each other which they have both encountered gave them the chance to understand each other and the chance to reveal their true emotions for one another.

They discussed and shared that their understanding of each other will head them to a tranquil and enduring marriage. This connection between Elizabeth and Darcy uncovers the significance of getting to know the person before marrying. Both Elizabeth and Darcy are pressured to understand their beginning misunderstandings. The first part of the novel follows Darcy’s movement to the point at which he is right to allow his affection despite his opinions. In the second part, Elizabeth’s mixed up impressions are replaced by changed feelings about Darcy’s loyal personality.

Darcy’s two proposals to Elizabeth show the true advancement of their relationship. His first proposal on page 185 of the novel shows he has grasped his fondness and love for Elizabeth but has not yet developed his hate for her family. When Darcy proposes for the second time, he positively confirms his affection for Elizabeth, now with full understanding of Mr. Darcy’s exceptional person, joyfully accepts. It shows how they finally achieve the ability to view each other fair eyes.

Hermia and Lysander are the lovers where nothing goes their way. Their affection is so solid that nothing would get in the way of their love. This shows their relationship to be really passionate just like Darcy and Elizabeth. Hermia is confronted with a determination to marry Demetrius, the man she doesn’t have feelings for. The father of Hermia is the one setting up the marriage. Their affection is so strong that they will let nothing stop them, so they run together into the woods. This sincerely is an indication of correct affection.

However, Hermia and Lysander’s relationship is almost completely opposite to Darcy and Elizabeth because their relationship is pulled apart by the magic potion, while Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s is growing as they are getting to know each other more. In my opinion, I believe that Hermia is the singled out person that speaks thoroughly, articulately, and is most unbelievably civilised in this play about love and any person “… Now much beshrew my manners and my pride If Hermia meant to say Lysander lied. But, gentle friend, for love and courtesy, Lie further off, in humane modesty.

Such separation as may well be said becomes a virtuous bachelor and a maid, So far be distant; and good night, sweet friend. Thy loves ne’er alters till thy sweet life end. ” This implies that Hermia is most obviously expressive when she explains her love to Lysander. An additional case is “Why are you grown rude! What changed is this, sweet love? ” This indicates that Hermia is definitely caring towards her love to Lysander I think that Hermia is the most appropriate person in A Midsummer Night’s Dream that speaks articulately, and most incredibly sympathetic in this play about love.

Pride and Prejudice is a novel in which people marry for love, personality and happiness, however, A Midsummer Night’s Dream portrays it as mad and a bit ridiculous but there is nothing to do about it. The marriage between Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley is also a case of successful marriage. Elizabeth shows her feelings of the relationship when she says, ‘… really believed all his (Bingley) expectations of felicity, to be rationally founded, because they had for basis the excellent understanding, and super-excellent disposition of Jane, and a general similarity of feeling and taste between her and himself.

‘ Bingley honestly adores Jane for who she really is. Unlike Darcy and Elizabeth, there is damage in their connection. The imperfection is that both characters are too nai?? ve and too great-hearted to ever act positively in conflict to outer forces that might try to split them: ‘You (Jane and Bingley) are each of you so complying, that nothing will ever be resolved on; so easy, that every servant will cheat you; and so generous, that you will always exceed your income. ‘

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