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Shakespeare's women

It would be absurd to assert that Shakespeare was sexist and misogynist as evidence shows that he portrays Anthony as the ‘weaker sex’ and in Anthony and Cleopatra. It could be that Shakespeare used misogynist terms and ideas in his plays because the society at that time held such views and being a commercial dramatist, he had to earn his livings. Shakespeare was a creative playwright and it i...

Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Robert Ray states that most critics and editors seem to think that the word “complexion” in line six refers only the physical appearance and it points to the face of the sun. The face of the sun is dimmed by passing clouds sometimes, and that the beauty of its face is destroyed, therefore Shakespeare is addressing the beauty of the young man. However, Ray feels that “complexion” stands for...

Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare

Also, it is seen that she is hallucinating about the spots of blood on her body because they were never there and the number of times, she tried to make them disappear they always reappear again. This also represents that woman can never be as strong as men and that men will always be more robust because they can hold their emotions together and they can be more mentally stronger than women no mat...

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Merchant of Venice - Romantic Comedy or Not?

More impactful though, is the callousness and vengeance harboured by Shylock. Three thousand ducats are borrowed from him, with a pound of flesh from Antonio as the penalty if the money is not returned. Later in the play, Antonio receives news that his ships have been lost, stripping him of this financial ability to repay the debt. Shylock refuses to spare his li...

Ambition in Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Later, after Lady Macbeth drugs the guards, she boasts about the drugs "that which hath made them drunk Sprouse hath made me bold; what hath quenched them hath given me fire." Now Lady Macbeth is almost certain that they will not fail; her ambition has clouded her better judgment and ignored the possibility of guilt haunting her and her husband. This ambition, the ambition of power, is by far th...

Although “Romeo and Juliet” Was Written by William Shakespeare in About 1600, Its Themes of Fate and Death, Love and Hate Are Enduring Concerns for Us Today. Discuss.

For my mind misgives some consequence, yet hanging in the stars”(Act 1, scene 5, page 42) Here Romeo is scared and doesn’t feel as if he should go to the ball because he thinks there is an event destined by the stars that is going to happen that night. Similarly, today there are people who will base their decisions on how they feel and the consequences of that action. Almost every single perso...

Shakespeare - Sonnet 116 Analysis and Interpretation

This metaphor makes the message more clear, because you can imagine this star guiding the lost sailors in the middle of the ocean and you understand the meaning of the words in an other way than if he had just written: “love is priceless”. In the third quatrain, he begins with: “Love is not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle’s compass come.” First of all...

Examine the Way Shakespeare Presents the Relationship Between Romeo and Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet in the Early Parts of the Play

She is rich in beauty, only poor. That, when she dies, with beauty dies her store| Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!| Thus from my lips by thine sin is purged| I know not how to tell thee who I am| Feather of leadBright smokeCold fireSick health| she hath Dians wit, and, in strong proof of chastity well armed| My grave is like to be my wedding bed| As a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear. So ...

The Merchant of Venice the Three Caskets

The trial of the three caskets, devised by Portia’s late father, does more than just ‘test the quality, ability and performance’ of each of Portia’s suitors (which is clearly the test’s original purpose); the trial also affected all of the suitors who took the trial. Trial, both literal and figurative, are amazing theatrical devices; this creates drama and gives, both the audience and th...

Significance on the Title as You Like It

Orlando, when he disrupted the Duke Senior's dinner, was much more harsh, abrupt, and forceful than Rosader in the same situation. Duke Senior was the same as Gerismond in showing kindness to Orlando/Rosader when the latter demanded food. Shakespeare's Rosalind was better than Lodge's Rosalynde, for when they gave Orlando/Rosader the necklace, Rosalynde gave it to him to toy with his emotions. Ros...

An Analysis of "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Iago fools Othello by providing “ocular” proof but didn’t allow him to listen or understand properly. As for Cassio, he used his friendship to plant the handkerchief. Both Othello and Cassio are naïve have a hard time judging character, are too proud to believe that someone is fooling them and their limited knowledge as to what was going on around them allows Iago to Successfully in the end...

Essay Writing on Shakespeare: Banquo Serves as a Foil to Macbeth

As we can see through this analysis, Banquo serves as a foil to Macbeth in terms of nobility. Banquo and Macbeth are opposite characters, one has honourable values that he maintains during the play and does not give in to personal desires, and the other is slowly being tempted by his evil side and will get what he wants by any way that is necessary. Macbeth is morally evil and cares nothing about...

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Although there is a shared desire to obtain and hold power, the characters Shakespeare portrays in Julius Caesar depict the differing responses that many characters can have to the power they have, or the power those around them have emphatically. They may share some aspects of their reactions, or portray it in a similar sense, but overall, the characters views and opinions vary heavily throughout...

Belonging in Human Life, Literature and Visual Arts

The relevance of the perceptions and ideas of belonging in these texts is astonishing; the composers have raised issues that we are all able to understand and relate to, they create an emotional response within us, allowing us to understand the longing inside of us to belong and that it has always been and always will be a part of human life at the heart of our soul. Without belonging we feel disc...

Human Interest by William Shakespeare

This represents what he considered this female and puts females into a bad light as cheats and liars. Duffy consists of many gadgets to stimulate compassion from the reader through 'i liked her.' Making use of past tense welcomes a reflective tone and the full stop creates a time out of sincerity. In addition, compassion is highly conveyed by the physical metaphor 'she tore me apart,' as to tear s...

The Gulling Scene of Benedict

In conclusion, it is debatable the key element in generating the comedy in the gulling scene however it is clearly evident that the use of over-exaggerated language, is vital. From, this scene we can now see that Benedict does not know his women as he says he does and his stupidity alongside his idiocy, helps benefits the comedy at hand. Furthermore, the influence that Don Pedro, Leonato and Claud...

Shakespeare's use of soliloquies to present Macbeth and Hamlet

Ophelia’s thoughts about Hamlet are debateable as she makes no effort to see Hamlet and rejects his entreaties to see her and returns his letters; “I did repel his letters.” At no time does Ophelia ever give a sign of loving Hamlet nor does she say to anyone that she loves him. All in all, Shakespeare uses soliloquies to show the inner thoughts and feelings of Macbeth and Hamlet. The soliloq...

“How does Shakespeare present Macbeth as a disturbed character in Act 1 of Macbeth?”

Overall, Shakespeare successfully shows the audience how Macbeth develops his disturbed character. By using language features and also the views of certain themes of the audience of the time, he introduces a very irrational character. These themes include violence, religion, politics and the idea that man’s desire for power outweighs any respect for the consequences. Macbeth slowly develops from...

Shakespeare's Unanswered Questions in Macbeth

If a director wishes, he can provide hints as to how that will happen, or even if it is going to happen at all. If Fleance takes the throne through his somewhat distant bloodline, the play shows that fate is inevitable and trying to rush it will get you killed. If he is raising an army or something similar to take the throne, the play might be showing a recurring cycle of violence and loss of peop...

Iago’s ego in "Othello" by William Shakespeare

Iago’s ego has been hurt by Othello claiming Cassio as his lieutenant and passing up Iago. Iago feels that he has way more experience in battle than Cassio and just pretends to serve Othello until he can get his revenge (1.1.10-40). Iago mentions later that Othello slept with his wife, Emilia: “And it is thought abroad that twixt my sheets he’s done my office” (1.3.366-367). Roderigo is th...

Shakespeare’s Poem My Mistress’ Eyes

Women are pressured to live up to the expectation of big bright eyes, full red lips, flawless skin, soft and shiny hair,“ My mistress’s eyes are nothing like the sun; Coral is far more red than her lips’ red; If now be white, why then her breasts are dun ; If hairs be wires ,black wires grow on her head”. 7) The couplet at the end of the poem line 13-14 “ And yet, by heaven, I think my l...

Brutus in the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

He kills his best friend, but it is for the good of Rome. Therefore he is not a villain. He trusts Antony, but that trust is the reason their plans to prevent Rome becoming a republic fails. Therefore he is not a hero. Although Antony calls Brutus “the noblest Roman of them all.”, he is overconfident. And this overconfidence leads to his suicide. Is difficult to say he is a hero or a villain. ...

Hamlet- Shakespeare dramatises the tension between Passion and Reason

This complexity illuminates the challenging presentation of the traditional values of passion and rivalry. Hamlet is hence a universally valued text because of its diverse representation of traditional values which challenge the audience. Through the initial introduction to the Ghost the intertwining nature of passion and reason exposed through tension, challenges the notion of these concepts as s...

Shakespeare Tragic Heroes: Macbeth and Brutus

In conclusion, Macbeth and Brutus have many differences and similarities but they’re both tragic heroes due to the flaws in their nature. They both had the same trustful natures which lead to their lust for power and then their deaths. Macbeth and Brutus were two completely different people when it came to their personalities because Macbeth was truly evil while Brutus was a genuinely good man. ...

Allusion in Shakespeare's Hamlet

Hamlet is telling the players not to overdo their acting, not to be more like Herod than Herod himself. “For O, For O, the hobbyhorse is forgot”Hamlet is talking to Ophelia. It is right before the play is to be performed. He looks at his mother and Claudius and complains that they have forgotten all about his father, who has only died two hours ago. Ophelia tells him it has been four months. H...

Sonnet 55 by William Shakespeare

The metrical line and grammatical structure are closely related. Normally, the line-end coincides with a major syntactic boundary or a tone-group boundary10. In line 1, it is obvious that there is still more information coming after the words „gilded monuments‟ as we only have the subject. Hence, the line-end interrupts the grammar flow10. This arresting of enjambment results in foregrounding ...

Deception in Shakespeare's MacBeth

From the end results of the play, we can clearly see how deception ruins lives. Shakespeare shows the audience that misleading others - and oneself, is not honorable nor the way to get ahead. Lady Macbeth's ability to seduce her husband into having immoral thoughts, leading to immoral actions to gain power, does not pay off. Macbeth's learned evilness and deception also affects him negatively, and...

Critical Analysis on Sonnet 12 by William Shakespeare

I have liked this sonnet very much, for the form represents and illustrates the meaning in a brilliant way. It was also very interesting to, step by step, analyze this poem to finally have a good understanding of it, while it was almost incomprehensible at first. Death, the passing of time, the Old Age and the desire of immortality are universal themes which touched everybody, and have, them, cros...

The Different Types of Love in Romeo & Juliet

Towards the end of the play, when Romeo has been banished from Verona, the Nurse questions whether Romeo and Juliet will ever be with each other again, and requests that Juliet marries Paris instead. This shows that the Nurse doesn't believe in true, meticulous, sincere love, only in lust and deceptiveness. She lacks morality, and I think she's the kind of woman who never really had a single man a...

Imagery in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

It is evident that Shakespeare uses the imagery of poison, decay and disease to develop and enhance the various conflicts surrounding the play and also the heavy, disarrayed atmosphere hovering over it. In Hamlet we truly see what a great deal of depth imagery provides us with. The imagery of disease, poison and decay gives us a chance to truly understand the complicated emotions that the charact...

Analysis of the story "Shakespeare in the bush"

Reexamining the argument, which fueled this story, it is clear to see that the author's friend was correct. The difference in culture had a large impact on the interpretation of Hamlet. The argument Laura Bohannan presents is flawed. Even though the Tiv elder was able to loosely predict the outcome of the story, Bohannan failed to prove that the plot and motives of Shakespeare's great tragedies we...

Sleep imagery in Shakespeare's Macbeth

Sleep is used in Macbeth to support many of the main themes. Sleep is corresponds to innocence and goodness as the characters who do not fit this description are not allowed to sleep as they are constantly haunted by nightmares. Lack of sleep is punishment for the evil characters, they often become mentally disturbed, "dwindle" and grow "peak and pine" (I.iii.14). One of the main causes of this la...

William Shakespeare's life and works

The fourth period of Shakespeare's work includes his main romantic tragicomedies. Later on his career, Shakespeare created plays that offered redemption and hope for the human condition. These plays were written with a grave quality, but they ended happily with final reconciliations. The play Pericles, Prince of Tyre concerns the loss of the title character's wife and the persecution of his daught...

Appearances are Deceiving in Shakespeare's Macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare, had numerous examples of deceptive happenings. The play shows how one evil deed will lead to another. Shakespeare also showed how a person's character could reverse drastically through the many happenings a person must endure, good or bad. In this case, the change was sparked in Macbeth due to his own greed for power. At the beginning of the ...

FAQ about Shakespeare

Compare and Contrast the Ways in Which Shakespeare and Webster Present Hamlet and Bosola as Tragic Heroes.

...Allan, Phillip. Hamlet: Phillip Allan Literature Guide for A-Level. Hodder Education: Oxford shire, 2011. Bell, Millicent. Hamlet, Revenge! The Hudson Review, Vol. 51, No. 2 (Summer, 1998), pp. 310-328. Boas, George. The Evolution of the Tragic Hero. ...

‘Viola Is One of Shakespeare’s Most Sympathetic and Resourceful Heroines’. to What Extent Is This Interpretation Supported by Act 1 of 'Twelfth Night'?

...In conclusion, I do not think this statement is supported by act one because I don’t think Viola is one of Shakespeare’s most sympathetic character. Consistently masking her true feelings from them; audiences have little obvious evidence that she ...

How does Shakespeare compare and contrast the characters of Antonio and Shylock in the trial scene?

...Luckily Antonio did not have to say goodbye to Bassanio as Portia found a pothole in the bond meaning that Shylock was not allowed to take a Christian citizen’s blood or take more or less than the pound of flesh; so Shylock said that he would not t ...

Consider the presentation of Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship early in the play, in particular, how does Shakespeare make Act two Scene 3 entertaining for the audience?

...In Elizabethan times it was common for, parents and friends to act as matchmakers. They selected the husband, performed careful examination of his economic prospects, and they brought the couple together to find out if there were any strong feelings ...

How does Shakespeare present love in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'?

...At the beginning of the play Shakespeare makes the effort to show the audience the strong and loyal love Hermia and Lysander devote to each other, 'I am beloved of beauteous Hermia' is how Lysander speaks of Hermia before the love charm is cast upon ...

How does Shakespeare Create Atmosphere

...It is also revealed that Romeo is very immature and cannot handle the concept of taking responsibility, only has he just been married and he blames Juliet for his weakness causing Mercutio’s death, linking back to his quote on fortune, Romeo seems ...

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