Sexuality and literature Essay

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Sexuality and literature

In the domain of English literature sexuality is a prickle which broadens the horizon of mental set up and attitude. Every aspect of English literature and criticism governs with human passion and subject to sexuality for human regeneration of ideas.

The entire metaphysical poetry ranging from john Donne to George Herbert explains the features of sexuality in sexuality and sexuality in sexuality. This phenomenon in history of English literature denotes inter sexuality and contextually with reference to sexuality which is related to feminist movement in the world of English literature, culture, philosophy and biblical understanding in relation to old testament and new testament.

The concept and content rejuvenates English literature in the fabrication of human bondage and humanistic trends respecting physical elements in human beings to a highest sense of veneration. This was the common practise of church farther throughout the catholic churches with nuns and pastors. The holy sense of living in English literature is related to biblical literature and criticism. Gospel of St. Mathew, St. John, st. paul etc. reveals the idea of wholly trinity the cross the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

The resemblance of this theological discipline in the parameter of English literature governs and administers celtic historic spirit in English literature. Therefore sexuality according to Christianity is the holiest act of performance and spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the world. The felicitation of stylistic history of Eng. Lit. Has a root in sexuality with purpose and motivation towards the god realisation in the jurisdiction of Eng. Lit. And biblical culture practised by catholic eminent personality of highest intellectual calibre throughout the world.

The universal culture of this principle symbolises the pure relationship between two sexes for bringing respectful citizen in the world of literature culture and social stratifications. In the field of Roman Catholic religion and tradition the entire gamut of Eng. Lit. Never disowns the message of sexuality as a negative aspect it is a subject of adoration in Eng. Lit.

Because old Eng. Lit. , Middle English. Lit. romanticism neo classic Shakespeare play and sonnets miltons paradise lost, paradise regained Chaucer prologue to Canterbury tales Thomas hardy mayor of caustic bridge david Copperfield hard times, edgewells the invisible man.. Jane Austen Emma persuasion and pride and prejudice, wuthering heights etc. all these literary text reveals sexuality in the form of living life with the purpose in English literature for realization and romantic vision of life. In the totality of existence Eng.

lit. is the subject based on direct human perception at the physical plane of sexuality and counter intuitive sense of human relationship every character is consolidated in plot, characterisation, action, reaction, and conclusion similarly same incidence with great assertion we come across in t. s Eliot the confidationsal clerk , family reunion the waste land murder in the cathedral, etc.

these works of t. s Eliot has a combination with our Indian philosophy because Eliot was well versed in Indian philosophy and integrated studies of Indian sexuality . in this connectivity t. s eliot joins the philosophical tenats of our indian culture with a mark of respct and great honor he was influenced by our upnishadikh philosophy he ends the west land by quoting upnishad with the exotations omm shanti shanti shanti this particular range of sexuality with philosophical elements harmonises the way of living in the glocal world of understanding in the truest sense sexuality is a way.

Of life which cant not be lived with respct without spiritual regeneration of ideas it may b easterned or westerned way off sexuality but the common goal of humanity is to harmonise between sexuality and spirituality for universal human bondage for global peace and harmony through out the cosmos throughout the cosmos with cosmopolitan out look and humanistic sense of sensibility at large in the finale concept of sexuality in literature becomes comparative literary theses anti theses and synthesis to combine the nature human sexuality which is a natural gift from the divine it is totally universal transcending all human.

Differtiation such as caste creed color and sex etc. the purpose of sexuality in literature is to practise and realise universalculture as reflected in evry cuture of the world this is the point to be investigated and immolated in our social economic political and administrative changes in the world. This is the pen ultimate exactitude and harmonisation between oxidental and oriental way of thinking in sense and philosophical calmness. In the convential sense this phenomenon logical approach. Exenorates tradition and individual talent advocated by t. s eliot in the universal fold of universalistic flow of ideas…

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