Sexual Harassment in the Work Environment Today Essay

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Sexual Harassment in the Work Environment Today

Sexual harassment is perhaps best defined as unwelcome verbal, visual or physical conduct that is of a sexual nature. (“Sexual harassment in,”). According to the EECO website both the claims and monetary rewards associated with sexual have dropped drastically over the past decade. What will you do to learn something new about this?

I will begin by researching reliable web-site for further information on the subject. I will also use both the Kaplan library and my own local library for additional resources. What will you do to provide the reader and yourself with new information? I will convey to the reader all relevant information to the in both a logical and entertaining fashion. My paper will be interesting as well as factual, and will provide the reader with information which should enhance their knowledge of sexual harassment in the work place.

How will you go about accomplishing this research paper?

I will begin by doing extensive research on the topic of sexual harassment. I will cluster my ideas and begin to write my paper. What is your plan to get this done? Week one will consist of research gathering and clustering. By week to I will begin to write my paper which should be completed no later than week three. I will have at least two proof readers read my paper before it is submitted .


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