Sexual Assault on College Campuses: A Societal Issue

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How would you feel if your daughter that’s in college was sexually assaulted and couldn’t receive justice? Men and women all over the country are sexually assaulted everyday, it doesn’t have to just be women who are the victims of sexual assault with men as the rapist. Statistically 20-25% of women in college will experience sexual assault. In the terms of sexual assault, this is talking about rape and inappropriate touching even after the girl has already said no.

Sexual assaults on campus should be thoroughly investigated because students are not receiving the justice they deserve while some colleges and Universities are covering up these crimes.

Victims of sexual assault don’t receive the justice they deserve and still watch their rapist walk around the campus like nothing ever happened. Colleges don’t look at the emotional level when dealing with sexual assault. They are trying to just cover it up and move on. In the article “Sexual Assault on Campus:Should Colleges Adopt Affirmative Consent Measures?” The supporters are arguing that the ““No means no” is outdated .

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. .” Also, it states “A partner who is asleep or passed out can’t say no.” Slate writer Amanda Hess (June 2014) argues “Neither can a partner who’s frozen in shock or fear when an encounter escalates into an assault . . . Many victims respond by shutting down, going silent, or laying motionless in hopes not to anger their attackers further, or in hopes to disassociate themselves from the attacks as an attempt as self-preservation.

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” This explains that no means no is not appropriate when the victim is passed out or unconscious but it’s also unhelpful when the victim is afraid of speaking up and rather not get beat for fighting back. The attackers can easily get away with sexual assault because the victim is unable to say no or won’t say no to save their own life.

The colleges and universities that deal with sexual assault cases want to cover up the crimes and act like nothing ever happened just to protect the schools reputation.Schools shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with sexual assault charges because the schools main worry should be getting the students their education. The police of that state should be dealing with the actual crimes. In the article “Campus Sexual Assault” by Barbara Mantel states “The core problem is that campuses are not really equipped to be adjudicating these cases in the first place, and they’re being asked to do something well out of their competence”, says Joseph Cohn, Legislative and Policy DIrector at the Philadelphia based advocacy group, Foundation for Individuals Rights in Education (FIRE). Cohn is stating that although this is happening on a college campus they are not able to take care of the situation correctly. Additionally, “Campus sexual assault” by Barbara Mantel “ When students file a sexual assault complaint with their school to investigate and decide whether the accused student is “responsible” for sexual misconduct, which can result in a maximum penalty of expulsion.” For a school taking care of this matter the most they can do is expel the accused out of college but the assault doesn’t go on the record so that student could very well go to a different college and get off scot free for the sexual assault case.

There are already laws that state what happens if you are accused and found guilty of a sexual assault crime. However the campuses find loopholes in the laws to cover up what happened and who it involved. The accused will try to fight and say that the encounter was consensual and their lawyer will try to nit pick at the victim to make people doubt their claim. The accused may believe it was consensual because as Amanda Hess stated in June of 2014 That the victim could have been froze with shock or fear of risking their life that they couldn’t say anything let alone the word no. With that doubt in mind colleges and universities are covering up these accusations instead of investigating them more thoroughly.

In conclusion, sexual assaults on campuses across the country are not being thoroughly investigated and instead of students getting proper justice the campuses are covering up these accusations. To begin with, the phrase “no means no” is completely outdated because of the psychological aspect of some of the victims. In addition, campuses are trying to cover up these accusations to help preserve their reputation. How would you want feel if you were a victim of a sexual assault and were receiving no justice?

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses: A Societal Issue

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