Sex Segregated Schools Essay

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Sex Segregated Schools

Sex segregated schools is a topic in a class of its own. On one hand, you have people saying their awesome way to learn and people only talk good about them. On the other hand, people say there a waste of money and do not relate to real life after high school. Sex segregated schools are not a good way to educate students because they do not prepare students for real life experiences.

After high school, some people will go to university or college, and some will go straight into the workforce. In either case, you are going to be learning or working with the opposite gender. A student in his/her sex-segregated school will probably have a better work ethic and better marks during that time but what happens after they start working with the opposite sex again? If statistics are correct, their work ethic will decline.

After four years of high school, after learning with no-one other than people of the same sex, would you be comfortable working with the opposite sex? “The fear is that unless we are endlessly and constantly mixing people- boys and girls, religious and non-religious; smart and less- smart, normal and handicapped- society will be riven by misunderstanding, ignorance, selfishness, and distrust” (Byfield, Link 72) This quote brings everything together. Unless students understand how to work with the other sex, they will always have a different type of respect, trust and appreciation for each other. How can you trust the opposite sex, if you don’t really trust them? Trust is one of the biggest issues in today’s workforce and this just adds to this dilemma.

In sex segregated schools, you obviously have much less exposure to the opposite sex. What happens when you meet someone and want to get married? If you have surrounded yourself with your own gender for so long, how can you learn to live with, and love or trust the opposite sex? There is a lot of unanswered questions as to how isolating yourself from the opposite sex negatively impacts your future relationships.

Sex segregated schools are not a good way to educate students because it doesn’t prepare them for their real life experiences. Even in Byfields seventh paragraph he admitted there were some flaws in segregated schools. If so many people have doubts in them, what’s the real point in even having them? At the end of the day it all comes down to what parents want for their kids. The only argument people really have is their own personal opinion.

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