Seventh Generation: Beyond Paper and Plastic Essay

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Seventh Generation: Beyond Paper and Plastic

Hollender’s concern for the natural environment is obvious. But what might be some ethical issues faced by Seventh Generation managers, researchers, and employees? What steps might Hollender take to ensure that ethical leadership continues as he spends more time away from his office at Seventh Generation? Honesty and integrity: Since getting the materials for a green product are a little hard for chemist to get, and since every product they’ve tried so far has not met their required test of sustainability if they put it on the market they may be questioned about the quality of their product. Loyalty versus Truth: May be a situation where since they can’t get the proper materials sometimes, they may have to face a situation where the Loyalty of the company is compromised because of truthfulness about the company’s products. How Hollender can ensure ethical leadership from home is by enforcing a Code of ethics. Stress his passion and value for his concern of a natural environment and a green product so that they can continue to meet their standard of sustainability. Give examples of ways in which Seventh Generation fulfills its social responsibilities in each of the four categories: to the general public; to customers; to investors; and to employees.

The General Public: They give the customer the performance they expect from the product so they can switch to a green product by being sure they have a solution to air and food borne allergies that is authentic and sustainable. Investors: Partnered with a company called Clean Well to formulate disinfecting solution with a garden herb for safer product. Employee’s: Treat their employees well by sticking to their word concerning just how their green products are by not placing them in a situation where they may feel mistreated or like they have to choose between their loyalty to the company and being truthful about a product or having to whistle blow based on their standard of sustainability because they really value the quality of their product. Visit the Seventh Generation Web site at and read more about the firm’s community involvement. Discuss the company’s efforts. Do they match well with the Great Law of the Iroquois? The Great Law of the Iroquois says “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.

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