Setting: the Man Who Was Almost a Man

The writer wanted readers to get fucus on the story, on the imagery of the gun. Setting in the story is not explained clearly. Only explained by a simple way. Like in the first sentence, “Dave struck out across the fields, looking homeward through paling light”. Where is the place of the field? In front of his house? Or who is the owner o the field? We don’t know, because is not clear enaugh. The setting of the story begins on the filed when Dave, the main character of the story, would go to the store to buy a gun.

Dave strucked out across the field. The time was not explained when dave through the field. Suddenly in the story dave has arrived at a shop owned by Joe. At Joe’s store there was a strong smell of coal oil. So, I think that Joe’s store has a small room. Small room with windows and Joe stood behind the chest-high cabinets used to store goods.

Then, Dave with a catalouge that was given by Joe went to his house and met her mother. Dave’s house is a house that has the usual stuff that owned by the house as usual.

With the a table, chairs, floor and a kitchen. In my opinion, Dave’s house is not too big. Her father in the other room could hear the voice of a conversation between Dave and his mother. And Dave has his own room. After Dave bought a gun, he didn’t go to his house immdiatelly but stayed on the field until the night came and wished his mother and his mother slept.

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And then, he went in his house, went to his room and hide the gun behind his pillow.

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