Session Long Project Essay

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Session Long Project

1. Please briefly discuss how your organization applies each of the Institute of Medicine’s 10 rules for redesigning the 21st Century healthcare system. Be sure to comment on each rule.

The organization presented, American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), definitely applies each of the ten rules for redesigning the 21st Century healthcare system in various ways. Each of these rules had instilled a great impact on the organization’s way of leading its members towards a better health care member for the diminishing health care delivery system. The first rule included in the ION’s list was regarding the fact that care is based on continuous healing relationships which only implies that the healthcare system must be vigilant in providing the necessary care to its people.

This is currently being applied by the organization by inculcating in the thoughts of each and every member of the organization the importance of providing attentive care with a whole heart among the patients. Having this rule in mind, the organization had implemented among each nurses the necessity of doing follow up, by any means, to the client to make sure the health of the patient is progressing. The next rule involved was the care that is customized according to the patient needs and values which further informs us that each person have their needs and preferences. Under the organization given, nurses are being instructed to provide care to patients according to the needs they have specifically and according to the cultures each patient possesses.

The third rule states that the patient is the source of control, which informs us the importance of the patient’s autonomy in each procedure that will be done. Being a nurse, and being under the organization, this rule is widely exercised in each and every patient especially autonomy is right of every individual. Nurses make it sure to inform the patient first whether he would like a certain treatment to be implemented to her or not, a consent is the proof of that the patient agreed for the procedure. The fourth rule talks about the knowledge which is shared and information which flows freely. This is regarding the health information dissemination that each health care member must implement. The organization scatters posters, brochures, and other informative materials regarding health preventive measures and other issues to widen up the people’s knowledge on the health aspect.

Aside from these, the organization also conducts symposiums and conferences to share the information on health. The fifth rule indicates that the decision making is evidence-based which men’s that the patient must acquire the care based of pure scientific knowledge and not just any doctor’s guess. This is practiced by the nurses of the organization by simply adhering to the various protocols being provided by the hospital in providing care to the patients. All actions are based on scientific facts that have been studied and researched on by clinicians.

The sixth rule is regarding the fact that safety is a system property which indicates that there should be no injury caused by the health care system. It has been known the hospitals are places where people seek help when their health is in danger which means that each nurse must be careful when attending to their patients to decrease the number of preventable errors. The organization frequently conducts conferences and symposiums regarding the preventable human errors caused by faulty care provision. The seventh rule is the necessity of transparency which shows that all necessary information must be provided to the family and the patient which can help them better in making various medical related decisions.

The nurses, under the leadership of AONE, made the necessary information available to the patient as evidenced by the advocate role of the nurses. The eight rule that was given is regarding the anticipation of patient’s needs. The organization has instilled leadership among each nurse to be aggressive and to have critical minds in anticipating each need that patient might be looking for afterwards. To continuously decrease the waste has been the ninth rule provided which refers to the resources and the time of the patient.

Nurses have been trained to be resourceful and to be on time when caring for patients since each second counts among every patient. The last rule is regarding the prioritization of the cooperation among clinicians. This signifies the importance of collaborating and communicating with other organizations in order to improve the health care being provided to the patients. AONE has been known to be working in collaboration with the American Hospital Association to further improve the health care being provided among the patients.

2. Within your organization, where are there gaps and room for improvement?

In this organization, the room for improvement solely relies on the number of collaboration it has on other organization, the number and developing of its members. The organization needs to further open itself to other agencies and organizations which can help them to further develop and improve its means of providing care to the sick and healthy people. Also, it is necessary for the organization to consider actions and promotions to increase the number of its members, and at the same time, to develop these members with the leadership skills each one possesses within. To improve the number of its members is necessary to increase the number of the people to perform its goals and ideals. At the same time, proper skills are necessary for it which leads to the need for members skills development.

3. How does your organization involve stakeholders and collaborate with other health agencies and organizations? Be specific.

The organization was said to involve stakeholders by collaborating with the stakeholders in the community and together they would develop strategies and action plans that will help to improve care for each of the priority conditions that the population needs. At the same time, collaboration with other health agencies might help in strengthening and improving the quality of services being provided. Also, with the use of the new information technology, these collaborations with stakeholders and other organizations will develop into an immense and diverse improvement toward care being provided to people. The organization can also unite with other organizations and affiliates through hospital acquisition or through merging which will give more opportunities, more strength, and better quality of care and services to people.

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