Service-Oriented Architecture Essay

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Service-Oriented Architecture

Businesses have been reliable on software providers for a while; the software providers are the cores to many businesses. For a long time many business companies relied on enterprise software providers. This software was not flexible to the needs of companies and companies had to build their business processes around the IT systems that were available to them.

These IT systems are not popular to the company’s outlook on it because they lacked many aspects of what a company was looking for. Especially when it came to the design of the system. It cost companies, which means they had no choice to redesign the IT systems as fast as they can so it can support the new business processes.

This problem only lead to one clear understanding, it was going to cost businesses much more money then they expected to spend; which means that companies paid large amount of money for software that will be quickly outdated and with outdated software means more problems for the business.

When it comes to any company, a customer’s trust is what makes and breaks a company.

That’s why companies want to extend their business processes to get closer to their customers. The ways-they want to gain this connection with the customers are: Service-Oriented Architecture, finding software that suit the specific needs of the company and not having to use software providers as a clutch to hold on to the business.

SOA leads to better components and interfaces, which means it becomes efficient software. This new generation of corporate software is more flexible and it is better for the employees and customers.

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