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Service Learning Essay

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Service learning is a course that benefits ones skills. It improves the skills immensely and or helps form more. However, it doesn’t just benefit the skills but benefits the person as well. It helps give the student an opportunity to find his or herself throughout the service-learning projects. Although, everyone doesn’t use service learning, it aids those who do. A student should be involved with service learning because he or she can acquire both mental and social skills that develop or increase throughout the service-learning project.

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The skills achieved through service learning are skills that play an exceptional part in a student’s life in both school as well as home. Throughout the process of service learning, students can grasp a hold of different ways to improve their personal development. ” Students who engage in service-learning are more likely to increase their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy” (Shaffer, 1993) benefits of participation in service). Senior Week was one of the main projects that benefited me greatly.

Throughout senior week many responsibilities were given to the group and therefore myself as well. The events had to be planned as well as different times to meet up and go out accordingly. Materials received throughout the project must be kept in an organized fashion so when the event happens, the students have the necessities already there ready to go. It also gives the student the ability to recognize whether or not he or she needs to organize him or herself as well.

Having the task to do the Scavenger Hunt, organization was an important skill to use throughout this process. I had to brainstorm different clues to create for the task at hand. Improvisation was greatly used as well as quick thinking. Although, my clues were altered, I bared the responsibility of the outcome. The result of the scavenger hunt was enriching as well as the entire senior week. The different activities and events gave way to self-satisfaction as faces of seniors carried happy smiles. Self-satisfaction ran its course next to self-esteem as well.

Self-esteem is an important key as to who we are. Students who have a low self-esteem can see everything as unjust or not fair. However, if the student does service learning, one will increase his or her self-esteem as well as self worth. This is because when a student is given the responsibility and power to change or aid something that benefits not only the community, it changes him or her as well. The reason for it is due to the process or outcome of the project. An example of this is back when I did the Swan Project in November 2012.

The goal of the service-learning project was to have a Halloween party for the kids that go to Swan. The Halloween party that took 2 place was priceless as well as warming. This was because of he outcome. The outcome of the party was the children’s smiles and laughter ringing through the air. A moment of accomplishment was present in me as then as well as now. Because making his project a reality to the kids, also gave me a heightened self-esteem. Another example that a student can benefit from is their confidence level.

Shy students who venture upon service learning are presented the responsibility as well as the necessity to take action. Throughout the course of the service-learning project, a student who was once shy can gain the ability to go outside their comfort zone to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done. Furthermore, motivation is also a key factor as well. “[v]olunteering appears to be related to longer life spans and improved mental health,” although he also notes that “… the type of volunteering is likely to make a big difference in the effects on mental health.

“(Benefits of participation in service)Undoubtedly, students who take service learning have a more mental and positive health. ” Middle and high school students who engaged in quality service- learning programs showed increases in measures of personal and social responsibility, communication and sense of educational competence”((Weiler,et,al. ,1998) benefits of participation in service) “The Kids Who Saved a Dying Town”(Service Learning by Degree) is a service learning project that the students felt an increased subsequent desire and a sense of social responsibility.

The example is one that exemplifies skills that are needed. The ability to make their project come out successfully was put into the student’s hands. One of the main ones was communication. Throughout this article communication was a necessary step in order to revitalize downtown Royston. Because the class had to not only talk with the principal, but also with others as well, they contacted people that could aid them with their project. An example is when the kids had to send a letter to the building owner of two dilapidated buildings.

It regarded that if he doesn’t fix or sell the building, they will contact state fire marshal due to the fire hazards present. With a success, they tried talking to the town to buy the buildings but there was already a new owner. Not resting, the kids talked with the new owner as well. A student at the time that had created a sketch of the new renovated building presented it to the new owner. In the end, the owner took the sketch and showed it to his contractor. With a domino effect, communication can work in good favor as well as boost self-esteem and self-satisfaction.

Including the retrieval of the materials and communication between the group and contacts, cleaning up downtown was also a responsibility that the kids had to take. The kids created skits for the fourth, fifth, sixth graders and in the end were successful because 140 students showed up to help clean downtown. Responsibility and Communication are two of the key factors and benefactors that aid the student throughout their school life no matter the age or grade level.

Also, “Students who engaged in service-learning were most likely to treat each other 3 kindly, help each other and care about doing their best. ”((Berkas, 1997) benefits of participation in service) Kindness is a part of who we are. The more we use it, the greater it becomes. To be kind to others and compromise, work can be done fast as well as efficiently. Furthermore, “ By participating in service projects, students forge bonds with each other, as well as other members of the community.

These bonds enhance their interpersonal skills and increase their social network. Additionally, volunteerism can lead to increased care for others and a desire to cooperate and get involved in positive ways, even among those who had previously exhibited antisocial tendencies ((Smith 1999) Benefits of Participation in Service). Through out a student’s life, he or she may face many challenges in his or her life but with the skills presented, he or she can overcome those obstacles and lead onward to the path of success.

The fact remains clear that the future is unknown and that service learning improves a students mind mentally and socially in preparation for future and life-changing choices. Unwanted habits can also progress into adulthood where as if a person took service learning, few to all habits can digress and eventually disappear. Furthermore, service learning can also benefit old skills and help a student gain new skills as well. Knowledge is power as well as experience and experience can aid the student in a manner that will benefit themselves as well as their community.

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