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Service description

Excel Hygiene’s services are planned around 2 major categories: Cleaning and Waste Management. Cleaning is sub-divided in to pathogen removal, and pest management. Waste Management is sub-divided in to on-site and off-site operations. This service structure is designed to meet all surveyed customer requirements, and equals the broadest service range offered by any of the major competitors in the segment. All services will not be relevant for each site, but the range will support the positioning of the company has a single-window service for all cleaning and waste disposal needs.

However, waste operations will be limited to bio-medical materials which cannot be placed in normal collection areas, or allowed to enter sewage systems. Similarly, cleaning will be restricted to keeping pathogens below infectious levels. Cleaning in the lay sense of the term will not be taken in to contracts because of the low value addition and non-specialized nature of the work. Excel Hygiene will offer service guarantees in terms of time and quality. This means that crews will visit sites at agreed frequencies.

Operations will conform to regulations for bio-medical waste and will meet infection control norms. The latter can be confirmed by independent microbiology tests on ambient air, water, surfaces, and organic materials. Microbiology for culture preservation, chemical sourcing, algorithm development, technical audit, and franchise development will be in-house functions. Treatment operations, off-site incineration and compacting, and operation validation will be outsourced to trained franchisees and to independent microbiology laboratories.

This division of labor will serve to protect the new company’s proprietary bacterial cultures, and will reassure customers about the effects of treatment at the same time. Management Structure Excel Hygiene has been established as a closely held private company. 90% of the paid-up equity has been provided by venture capitalists, which have also provided guarantees and collateral for long-term loans and revolving working capital funds. 10% of the equity has been furnished from the savings of the executive team, and they have equity rights from their shares of projected profits, to the extent of another 10% of the ownership.

Therefore, the long term ownership will reside to the extent of 20% with the founding executives, while 80% will be held by venture capitalists. The latter are bound to hold their investments for at least 5 years after start-up. The company may list on a stock exchange after this first period. Only one of the founding executives has a qualification in Business Management, so she will function as the Chief Executive Officer of Excel Hygiene. The venture capitalists will have the right to nominate a person from their organization to head Management Services, which will include all Finance and Accounting functions.

Objectives and Goals To launch a new bacterial based technology for management of bio-medical wastes To introduce novel infection control technology in health care settings, to provide alternatives for presently use of toxic chemicals. To offer comprehensive, reliable, and quality cleaning and waste management services to the best health acre institutions in a defined geographical area. To generate high margins for capital pay back in less than 5 years. To attain a relevant market segment share of 1%.

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