Serious Problem Of Sexual Harassment

There are thirty-seven percent of all sexual harassment claims made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission relate to restaurants and the problem isn’t just happening in the kitchen. The sexual harassment come from customers are very common. There is a search report by Restaurant Opportunities Center United about sexual harassment found that seventy eight percent of restaurant workers had been harassed at one time by a customer. After the first time of accusations pile up against Harvey Weinstein started, more and more men were accused of sexual harassment, there are even some men in powerful positions like musicians, actors, directors, politicians, and chefs.

The diners are not necessarily famous or even powerful, but in a restaurant, the staff rely on the money customers paid to supply their salary, customers are always like their boss. And the phrase “the customer is always right” is deeply remembered in hospitality industry so many restaurants and hotels don’t want to make a customer uncomfortable by correcting their mistakes.

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Before I do this assignment of Topic Reflection, I had never known about even heard about this status. It is not a noticeable situation. I just thought there is as peaceful as what I regularly see in restaurant. I saw manager, coworker and customer were at peace with each other, almost all of them were friendly, polite and kind. After I do a lot of search about this topic, I found sexual harassment is such a significant problem. According to one report, ninety percent of women and seventy percent of men who serve in the hospitality industry have been affected sexual harassment.

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I saw many cases that the servers were in the lack of safety awareness and didn’t try to tell others and safeguard their rights because their poor self-protection consciousness. As a female, they should not be afraid and tolerate that behavior. They need to try their best to protect themselves.

People who working in hospitality industry often tolerate zero tolerance of sexual assault but are relatively equivocal about sexual harassment. Especially in the status of hotels and restaurant, home service environment and customer-first service rules are very unfavorable for hotel practitioners. Nowadays, the hotel security problem is not confined to the problems of guests’ life and property, with human rights are increasingly value in people’s mind, hotel staff’s safety has attracted more and more attention. these high incidence of cases is mainly due to the female staff often alone in the rooms, corridor for cleaning, no side security personnel and the way to seek help.

And server is in the lack of safety awareness of the situation, those unscrupulous customers will have chance to harass. Moreover, those women who were hurt are often not able to tell others and didn’t safeguard their rights because of their low social status and poor self-protection consciousness. There is another reason that the hotels are mostly keep an attitude of silent, it also become a reason why it’s difficult to eliminate the harass. Harassment in restaurants and hotels is not only harmful for employees and business, but also harmful for workers in other industries. Sexual harassment doesn’t not just hurt employees because about thirty six percent of interviewees felt anxiety, depressed even worse after experiencing it, then they often find for a new job, so it hurts the employers too. The turnover rate in the “restaurants and accommodations sector” was nearly seventy three percent in 2016 and it is sustainable growth in the past six years.

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