Serial Killer’s Modus Operandi

What is the killer’s modus operandi ? Night, full moon.

What is killer’s signature ? Stab wounds in chest, exsanguination.

Would you label this crime scene as organized or disorganized ? Disorganized, I believe this crime is disorganized because he left the scenes looking distgruptice showing signs that someone was at the house . Also he left the blood stains and the bodies at the scene. Someone who would of done an organized crime would think about the whole crime from beginning to end such as what their next time was going to be after they have commited the crime.

What kind of childhood fo you think the killer had? Why ?

I believe he comes from a bad child . Where he was poor and abused left alone many time as a kids. He did not received the attention he needed when he was a kid.

What type of personality do you think the serial killer had ? Why?

I believe the killer had a charming personality very sociable or at least that he wanted to be betrayed as and that is how he got to these girl through manipulation.

His other personality of who he really was could be more disturbing he could be really quite anxious most times when he feel like he has loss control of the situation. I say this because i believe most serial killer like the feeling of control he liked the feeling that he was able to control someone life if he was going to kill or not .

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How do you think the killer’s relationships with the opposite gender are ? Why ?

I believe he had a good relationship with the opposite gender . At the begging he must of came of as a good guy very social and kind. He was good enough to make people feel comfortable enough so they could invite over to their homes. I believe this because if you look at the first crime scene you’ll notice that in the kitchen they were once sitting down because there are plate and forks and in fact a fork on the ground and a chair knocked over. In the second murder I believe it is okay to have the theory that the4 girl invited him over to watch a movie or tv and she fell asleep or was wake and he stabbed her in the bed.

Where do you think you will find the killer living ? In the City or in the countryside ? Why?

You’ll find the killer living someone near Gotham City because , both of the murders are in gotham city . So it’s safe to also say that this serial killer might not also have a car.

Why do you think you think this person wants to kill ? Is there a formal theory that could describe why?

I believe this person wants to kill because he feel some type of hatred when he interacts with female. Or also could be as simple as he kills these girls when he is invited over for a date because he is not getting his way as in these girl could of said no to sex then he feel frustrated and kills them because he wants to manly one way or another .

What ethnicity do you think the killer is ? Why?

Caucasian because serial killers tend to kill in their own race.

Why do you think they chose their particular weapon ?

He chose what was closest to him . He wanted it to be quite.


The criminal is most likely caucasian man because serial killers tend to kill in their own race. The criminal had an unhealthy child in where he must of experience some type of violence either if it was physically or mentally. The criminal probably had an absent parent or a parent could of died when he was really young perhaps his mom because he does tend to go after girl or his mom could of been the one that abused him. Which somehow it made seem okay in his mind to go back and kill after females. In astrology there is this myth says that when it’s a full moon unhidden things tend to come out buy behaviors the way people act. The myth says this because on a full moon the night shines brighter so you are able to see the hidden things in the dark. I am relating to the full moon to the criminal because when he created both crimes they were on a full moon. That could of been his modus he did that on purpose because on that day he wanted to bring all the evil of who he really was to light. With that being said the criminal could of put up an easy front as being kind , social and a ver peoples person and that’s the way he manipulative people and most especially the people he lives near. It is probably safe to say that this criminal lives in the city and has no car due the after that both of the crimes are walking distance from each other.

  1. Evidence,
  2. DNA,
  3. blood,
  4. plates,
  5. fork,
  6. carpet,
  7. door handle,
  8. door,
  9. bed,
  10. couch.

All these items have DNA especially if there’s blood on it or even if he just touched it and there is no physicall evience to be seen. They should go back to where the crimes scene and look over the plave with a black light. Because the black light could even put in puzzle togetjer where the crimed happend and where do it finish because you are to see many more things. DNA is Strong to have in a case to build because it is very hard to ssy that , that was your not your DNA when it shows positive that it was. The More DNA you gather up it makes the case much stronger but any amount of DNA for the most part is valuable and useful even if it is just a little.

Witness testimony

Having a witness it is important it makes the case stronger if someone saw the criminal first hand that night , because ; they could describe how he looked that night and ho he came off as. Having a witness on a case is also important because they could provide the court with information they saw first hand.

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