September 11 Speech by President George W. Bush Essay

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September 11 Speech by President George W. Bush

The September 11 attacks have truly shaken not just America but the rest of the world. The tragedy was most unthinkable and unimaginable that it caused so much shock and fear for what happened, grief for the lives of loved ones lost and anger for the mad perpetrators. It was an act of war done on American soil to innocent citizens. In the speech of President Bush, he thanked the support of countries from different parts of the world and explained to the American citizens, who were responsible for the terrible acts, which was the Al Qaeda, an extreme Islamic terrorist group that’s being protected by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Most important of all, he demanded the Taliban regime to deliver the terrorist leaders to the U. S. authorities. He also emphasized that the warning was also directed to other countries that would protect these terrorist groups and said “We will take defensive measures against terrorism to protect Americans” and use all their resources to win the war against terror. The acts of war did not leave them any choice but to retaliate.

He also asked the support of other countries to fight against terrorism and destroy the leaders that fund terrorist training camps. The speech gave the people hope that this will never happen again to the country. It somehow gave us the assurance that these fanatical people will be wiped out of this world. Years later, it’s sad to say that this retaliation lost us so many lives of American heroes who brought justice to those lives we lost in the 9/11 tragedy.

The Taliban regime was replaced with a new government. Osama Bin Laden fled from Afghanistan which is nowhere to be found until today but somehow brought freedom to the oppressed Afghan people. The world has become more vigilant in fighting terrorism after this and we can now say that the war against terror may not be totally finished but we have regained our sense of security within our country and continue to keep our homeland safe. WORK CITED Bush, George W. “September 11 Speech. ” 20 September 2001.

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