Sepp Blatter: Witch Hunt or Justified Conviction?

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Many of us think that a witch hunt is a thing of the past and as crazy as it seems, modern day witch hunts are very much alive, but instead, it takes the form of a person that is subjugated to mistreatment with little to no evidence. Such was the case during the controversy of Sepp Blatter and the debate on whether he should stay president of FIFA with some critics arguing that his scandal was a modern day witch hunt because of his role as a scapegoat and others debating that with so much evidence against him that it heavily points otherwise.

Sepp Blatter, however, is not a victim of a modern-day witch hunt because of evidence against him for being guilty of bribing Qatar and other companies, Blatter having been portrayed to FIFA as a symbol for the corrupt for the allegations placed on him and the others involved, and Blatter having actually been convicted of such crimes show that there was enough evidence against him that his conviction was justified and not a witch hunt.

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Those who believe that Sepp Blatter is a victim of a modern day witch hunt believe that he had his own legitimate reasons for the infamous FIFA scandals and that he was mainly being used as a scapegoat for those allegations placed against him and FIFA rather than his own actions. The fact that Blatter has influenced FIFA and has been a major contributor towards the company goes to show his importance to the company but his corruption and injustice as evidence reveals must be punished and not overlooked.

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According to one source, “Even this week, with the U.S. indictment of nine current and former FIFA officials on bribery and related charges, Mr. Blatter was able to play the victim, blaming a “tiny minority” for the latest scandal to occur under his watch” (“At FIFA, No One”). This supports the fact that people believe that Blatter is victimized and should be realized as a scapegoat for the scandals that occurred. To add, those who believe that Blatter shouldn’t be targeted for the allegations placed on him and should remain as FIFA president also believe that the other officials should be facing the same or even harsher punishments because it isn’t fair towards Blatter. The writer does have a point for Blatter being used as a scapegoat for the situation that he’s in and believes that Blatter is innocent in this condition.

However, I believe that Sepp Blatter is not a victim of a modern day witch hunt because the allegations placed on him for corrupting football were supported with numerous evidence. Blatter has been caught numerous times with bribery and fixing games in order for the opposing teams to win. As reported by the source, “This time, FIFA should not be allowed to pretend that the problem is a few corrupt officials. A first step is the immediate ouster of Mr. Blatter and the restructuring of FIFA.

The selection of Russia and Qatar should be subject to rigorous re- examination” (“Editorial: Black Marks on”). This supports the belief that Blatter should be fired or should step down as FIFA president because of his corruption towards the company and betrayal towards the fans of Football. Other people who enjoy watching the sport of Football have realized that Blatter is the main reason for the un-enjoyment of Football and decided that Blatter should be fired or suspended because of the issues that he has had with the company. The fact that Blatter is being attacked for these accusations means that he should be taking action or admit his faults and that these accusations were not baseless but instead based off of incriminating evidence.

Also, I read the evidence and the English media has come out and addressed the topic about Blatter and his accusations about bribery with other major companies. Blatter has been found guilty on numerous events and the media has finally taken charge against him, but he believes that he is being attacked for no reason. Just as the source states, “Mr. Blatter accused the “English Media and the American movement” of conspiracy against him… Arrested at the request of the FBI as part of criminal investigations into bribes totaling $150 million” (“Sepp Blatter Fires Accusation”). Not only is this enough evidence to support the fact that Blatter is guilty of bribery, but it’s also enough evidence to prove that Blatter is not a victim of a modern day witch hunt.

The reason being is the fact that the media has openly discussed Blatter and he believes that he’s being attacked and that it isn’t fair for people attacking him. The irony is the fact that Blatter acts like he’s innocent when he’s clearly guilty of the situation. The reason why he isn’t admitting his faults is that it would ultimately ruin his career, and he wouldn’t be making millions with bribes. It would also make his and FIFA’s image look bad, especially for openly admitting that he was innocent even though he was found guilty.

Also, I read the evidence and Blatter tried claiming that he was innocent of the allegations placed on him. However, he was found guilty of bribery and signing contracts with other corrupted members of the Football Association, which only makes him even less guilty than he claims to be. As stated in the source, “Blatter’s claim of innocence soon took an even bigger hit. In September of the same year, the Swedish government accused him of signing a contract with former Caribbean football chief Jack Warner” (“Sepp Blatter Announces Resignation”). This is definitive evidence to support the fact that Blatter is guilty of the allegations that were placed against him for corrupting and intermingling with other businesses.

Blatter has always firmly believed that he shouldn’t be attacked for something he didn’t do or wasn’t involved in. However, that isn’t the case because he was also found guilty of bribery and almost every other wrongdoing he was involved in. (“Taxi For Blatter!”). FIFA has also found out about this situation and decided to take action and suspend him for a reduced eight years compared to the original suspension he received. Blatter has been viewed as the face of FIFA and the fact that he’s been corrupting it shows that he isn’t fit to run the organization.

Even though some people argue that Sepp Blatter should stay president because of his endowment and impact towards FIFA and Football, the recent developments of his guilt show that he is repeatedly corrupt and must not be allowed to stay president. Sepp Blatter is not a victim of a modern day witch hunt because of the allegations and scandals he was involved in, Blatter excuse for being used as the fall guy for the claims placed on him and taking all the blame for it falls apart through the sheer amount of evidence against him, and Blatter being bombarded by the press and fans for being culpable for corrupting FIFA and anything to do with football is justified because of these injustices.

In my viewpoint, the big picture is that people are usually quick to act as if they’re victimized about events that happened to them or their involvements within those events and accuse the scandal as a modern witch-hunt but as seen with the development of evidence towards conviction, it can show that there is a reason for a person to be victimized.. In conclusion, Blatter shows that even while being viewed as a significant benefactor and major contributor towards a prodigious corporation, people will not disregard the allegations and claims placed against you, and instead, they will go after you for being involved in those crimes and scandals using evidence to back up their claims and prove their credibility. The world would be a better place if people didn’t automatically accuse others of targeting individuals with evidence against them on the basis that the individual may have had a good contribution to the cause.

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