Separation of a mixture of solids Essay

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Separation of a mixture of solids

Purpose: Purpose: To determine and execute the separation of mixture of solids through different means. Examples are magnetisms, evaporation, and filtration Procedure: I used a measuring device such as a scale, funnel, beaker, magnet, saucer, and graduated cylinder to determine the values for each measurement. Data Table: Experiment data

Grams Percent of Mixture
Iron filings 1.4g 1.4/4.5*100 = 31.1%
Sand 1.3g 1.3/4.5*100 = 28.9%
Table salt 1.0g 1.0/4.5*100 = 22.2%
Benzoic Acid 0.8g 0.8/4.5*100 = 17.8%
Total 4.5g 100%
A. I would have used the magnet to separate iron fillings as suggested in the lab. But I would have used the filter paper second to separate sand from rest of the solution rather than evaporation. B. Major disadvantages would have been not all the benzoic acid would pass through the filter paper which would make our procedure more difficult. C. Contamination of the other substances left in the sand.D. I feel there are four errors;1. Not thoroughly moving iron out with magnet.2. When pouring acid salt mixture into funnel some of the acid crystals stuck to the cup which made it difficult to get all sample out.3. Some of the benzoic acid might have passed through the filter paper into the salt water mixture. 4. Not proper dissolving the salt when separating it from the sand leaving salt in the sand mixture. Conclusion: When using various means of separating a mixture (magnetisms, evaporation, and filtration) it is possible to get accurate measurements of each particular material. However there is a high chance of error if care is not taking due to several reasons enumerated above.

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